What Happened When Kate Upton Did a Literal Boot Camp Workout With Marines

Photo: Instagram/@kateupton
The US Marine Corps are known for super-intense workouts, but that didn't stop Kate Upton from wanting to soldier through one. In honor of Detroit's upcoming Marine Week celebration, the model subscribed herself to a literal boot camp—led by a gunnery sergeant, no less!—right alongside the military members. And, not surprisingly, she totally kicked butt. (Score one for boutique fitness!)

"I knew it was going to be hard; the Marines are very tough."

There were burpees, running, traveling push-ups…it was basically a cardio-heavy sesh so intense, Upton barely had time to wipe away the sweat. In fact, upon finishing, she immediately collapsed to the grass.

"It was a very hard workout," she said afterward, according to the New York Post. "I knew it was going to be hard; the Marines are very tough."

After seeing Upton master those high-intensity drills—while smiling!—it's safe to say the uniformed officers weren't the only tough ones on the field.

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