Kate Upton’s Supercharged Hip Thrusts Call for Heavy Weights and Resistance Bands

Photo: Instagram/@KateUpton
At this point, Kate Upton is a veteran purveyor of the #fitspo necessary to fuel some seriously challenging sweat seshes (boot camps and glute bridges, anyone?). The model's latest feat is a supercharged take on a classic butt-toning move; let's just say it's not your average hip thrust.

Last week, Upton's trainer, Ben Bruno (who also trains the likes of Chelsea Handler, Emma Stone, and Ashley Graham, BTW) shared a video on Instagram of Upton crushing some heavy-duty weighted reps. "This hip thrust finisher burns like crazy, but it’s awesome," Bruno wrote in the caption. Needless to say, Upton—who reportedly attended an array of Oscars parties later that day—probably did so with a super sore booty.


Here's how to show this move who's boss: "With a mini-band just above the knees, start by doing one rep followed by six band abductions at the top without letting the hips drop," instructs Bruno (Psst: If you're a little rusty on your trainer terminology, an abduction means moving your legs away from the midline of the body). Next, "do another rep with five abductions at the top, then four, then three, then two, then one," continues Upton's trainer.

After just six reps, Bruno swears your butt will be feeling the burn for sure. And even though Upton rocks a pretty heavy set of weights in the video, Bruno recommends starting lighter—or with no weights!—and working your way up.

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