Katie Holmes Found the Perfect Fall Sneakers That Go With Every Outfit—And We Need Several Pairs

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When it comes to celebs with stellar fashion sense, Katie Holmes undoubtedly makes the list (remember her cashmere bra ensemble that went viral?). The most recent example of her sartorial genius is the way she paired Sorels with flared jeans and loose turtleneck—the ultimate runway show meets camping styling that we just can't get enough of. Just like how we loved it when Jennifer Garner casually pulled off fluffy slipper clogs (now in our shopping carts), and or when Blake Lively wore hiking boots so effortlessly (we bought several pairs), we once again have no shame in copying these celeb shoe pairings.

Holmes was spotted wearing a pair of Sorel Kinetic RNEGD Lace Sneakers ($110) while strolling through New York City earlier in October. These are actually some of the brand's most comfortable shoes to wear on-the-go, apart from its boots. That's mainly because of their construction, which includes breathable mesh fabric and a EVA midsole for comfort and stability. They also have some extra cushion in the collar around the ankle and suede detailing on the heel and toe for added style.

Sorel Sneakers
Sorel Kinetic RNEGD Lace Sneaker — $110.00

Made with a breathable mesh upper, these shoes are the perfect combo of style and performance. You can can also snag them on Sorel (fewer sizes available), starting at $50.

While Sorel is a goldmine for premium outdoor boots, its sneaker lineup is also definitely worth taking notice. Many of the styles are lightweight and versatile, so you can easily dress them up. At the same time, they're also uniquely built for performance. In most cases, this means you can wear them for a long period of time and for a long distance. Case in point: the Kinetic Impact Strap Sneaker ($144) has a two-pod sole that helps better cushion your feet as you walk. Also, their narrow silhouette and crossover strap gives them a modern look that dials up just about any athleisure wardrobe.

When it comes to Holmes' sneakers, one five-star reviewer described them as "super comfy and stylish" and "great for walking around in the city/sightseeing." And there's plenty more glowing reviews where that came from.

So, whether you need a look to complete your fall aesthetic or shoes for running around town with ease, these shoes may be worth adding to your rotation. Katie Holmes definitely agrees.

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