The One Cardio Workout Kelly Rowland Will Never Do Again

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Welcome to My Morning Routine, where Kelly Rowland and other good-life gurus share their personal (frequently surprising, often healthy) morning rituals—to help you make your a.m.’s more awesome.

Kelly Rowland
Grammy-award winning musician and heart health advocate who's partnering with Burlington stores and WomenHeart to #KnockOutHeartDisease

The first thing I do is at least two or three minutes of meditation. I use Russell Simmons' app—he just introduced me to it. I started doing that after I had my son.

It has helped me tremendously. It just puts you in an easier mind space. There's so much you have to deal with in one day, and I feel like meditation prepares you for anything that comes to you. You won't flip your lid on the first thing that shakes you up a bit. It puts you at ease.

Then I usually go hang out with my son and then start making breakfast. My favorite thing to eat in the morning is oatmeal. I add a little maple syrup, a little salt, and almond milk, and I'm set. Sometimes I'll add cinnamon and some raisins and pumpkin seeds. I don't need caffeine in the morning, but if I have to it's usually through green tea.

I am a morning workout person. I don't think I could really be as connected or focused in the afternoon if I didn't do it.

My trainers set up different workouts for me. I actually have a duo of them right now—David and Marcie Washington. David really tightens my body up, and Marcie, his wife, stretches it out—it's really awesome. I've grown to love what they're doing. It's definitely a HIIT workout, and I feel a lot better and more centered from doing it. Having my son really did a number on my body.

I do a lot of track and field. I also love SoulCycle. It's so much fun, the music is good—I especially love Angela Davis' class, which is so hard to get into but it's awesome.

I can't stand stair climbers. I remember two years ago my sister took me to this workout where you were on these vertical stair climber machines and I wanted to beat her up afterwards. I don't think I've ever sweat that much. It was really crazy.

As far as my morning beauty routine, it's basically just washing my face and putting on a good sunscreen. I don't care if there's no sun outside, I still put it on. I've learned it's really important to keep your skin nice and supple for as long as you can.

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