Bring Damaged Hair Back to Life Overnight With This Antioxidant-Spiked Hair Serum

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My hair has always been pretty long. It wavers between long-as-hell and it’s-short-to-me-but-still-actually-very-long in length, which means that "chopping it" is actually just getting a trim. (Long-haired peeps, you know what I mean.) Right now, my hair is one of the longest lengths it's ever been, and I’ve found that my low-maintenance routine of shampoo and conditioner and maybe a deep-conditioning treatment now and then hasn’t been working that great. Whether you blame it on my scalp's oil production or the dry-air season that we're in, the fact is that I need a product that will help get my hair out of a serious rut—a redo of my ‘do, if you will.

Enter: the Kerastase Nutritive 8-Hour Magic Serum ($55). Putting “magic” on a bottle is a bold claim, but they're not wrong. The second I tried this sleeping serum, which is meant to penetrate your strands as you snooze, I could already tell I was in love. The scent itself does it for me, which is an enticing blend of floral notes. But then I pumped some product into my hand, put it on my dry, unwashed hair, focusing on the ends, and tossed it all into a silk scrunchie bun before I went to bed. The next morning, I let my hair loose to find that I had silky, super-shiny hair that looked like it just had a professional blowout.

The serum, a first of its kind, works on each strand with a mix of vitamin B complex and iris root extract, so that you wake up with soft, glossy, detangled hair that isn’t greasy or gross and that smells freakin’ incredible. Iris root isn't just a gorgeous flower—its extract is a strong antioxidant that replenishes damaged hair. And it has niacinamide, which is vitamin B3 and commonly found in skin-care products, but works on hair to make it fuller and stronger. Yes, the serum is a bit of an investment, but you only need a bit for each treatment, so you can make it last.

Santa, are you getting this? (No, but really, I just want a case of this stuff.)

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