The Most Important Thing You Can Do If You’re Depressed, According to Kesha

Photo: Instagram/@ iiswhoiis
It's hard to believe it's been four years since Kesha (lover of unicorn hair and shiny leggings) released a new album—"Praying", her first single from a forthcoming EP, Rainbow, hit airwaves this week. The reason for the singer's silence?

A very public legal battle with her producer Lukasz "Dr. Luke" Gottwald over abuse allegations caused the artist to push pause on her career. It also triggered her depression, anxiety, and eating disorders, according to the pop star. But now that she's back to the studio and feeling more balanced, the musician's ready to share the mental health advice she says helped her heal.

"Don't let anyone steal your happiness!"

"If you feel like someone's wronged you, get rid of that hate, because it'll just create more negativity," Kesha shared with Lenny Letter. "One thing that has brought me great relief is praying for those people. Being angry and resentful will do nothing but increase your own stress and anxiety—and hate is the fuel that grows the viruses. Don't let anyone steal your happiness!"

In a lot of ways, she says, writing "Praying" was a cathartic experience that helped her reconnect to her life—including to both her fans...and cats.

"I know that I was never abandoned by my fans, my animals, or my family, but when you're depressed—really, truly depressed—you feel like you have nothing," she wrote in the post. "Even having my kitties sleeping next to me in my darkest of hours couldn't bring me light. It's in these moments when even the most cynical among us are forced to turn to something other than ourselves—we turn to prayer, or something like it. You look past your shame, past your desire to hide, and admit you need help."

Scroll down to see the video for Kesha's new song, "Praying". Good to see she's back to feeling as bold as her flashy leggings.

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