There’s Now a Keto Cleanse for Your Face…Because *of Course* There Is

Whenever I hear my friends discuss the things they've been eating lately, one thing rings true: The ketogenic diet is hot. It seems as though everybody's loading up on the avocados (well, duh) and saying buh-bye to carbs. I get it—it not only gives you energy and a hefty amount of good fats, but now it's even being tapped to help reduce anxiety, too. One thing I never thought of, however? You can keto cleanse your face.

Apparently, it's not just in vogue to guzzle Bulletproof coffee (AKA your daily roast with a fat-full ghee and MCT oil), many people are also slathering on those same essentials to get their complexions clean—minus the squeaky part. Graydon Moffat, beauty pro and founder of Graydon Skincare, says she's all about it. "I use ghee and MCT oil on my skin," she says. "My skin's softer and glowier than it's been in a really long time."

The magic stems from the blend of fat and oil, which work together as a one-two punch to get into your pores and pull the gunk out. Remember: Those things have an oil base so they can help to break down oil better. "You massage it in and take it off with a warm washcloth," says Moffat. "MCT oil really gets into the pores and ghee is a rich emollient that's gentle and nourishing for the skin. I massage it from my face down to my décolletage."

Of course, I can't help but wonder whether the mix is too oily for your skin–so I consulted a derm for some insight. "The combination of natural fatty acids found in ghee butter and MCT oil may help cleanse and hydrate the skin," says Joshua Zeichner, MD, a New York City-based dermatologist. "Oil binds to oil, so it can likely help remove dirt and makeup from the skin." As I thought, however, there's a catch: "Given the unrefined nature of these oils, I'm concerned about potential breakouts in people who are acne prone that may be using them."

Just like the keto diet, the keto cleanse isn't for everyone—but, so long as you're not acne-prone, you may want to try it for a healthy glow.

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