9 Must-Have Cookbooks for Every Type of Keto Dieter

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Figuring out what to make for dinner is a never ending struggle for everyone, but when you're adhering to an eating plan with a lengthy list of rules, it can be even more challenging.

Many people say they have benefitted from sticking with the ketogenic diet—an eating plan that is 75 percent healthy fats, 20 percent protein, and 5 percent carbohydrates—including better cognitive function, less mood swings, and weight management. But that whole cutting carbs part is hard.

That's where a handy keto cookbook (or two, or five) comes in. Don't struggle in the dark figuring out what low-carb foods to eat—take the advice of expert recipe developers instead. Whether you're cooking for an entire family, are obsessed with your Instant Pot, or have a major sweet tooth, there's a cookbook for you. Scroll down to find your perfect one.

keto cookbook for beginners1. If you're a keto newbie: The Complete Keto Cookbook for Beginners

If you're still figuring out the basics of the ketogenic diet, this book by Christine Jensen will be your go-to. It has need-to-know intel on the science behind the ketogenic diet and tips on how to stay in ketosis. With so many delicious recipes—everything from brie with raspberries to classic Italian meatballs—it won't feel like you're missing out on anything.


keto cookbook instant pot2. If you're obsessed with the Instant Pot: Keto Instant Pot Cookbook

This cookbook by Mary Goodrich has over 500 (!) recipes, all using the beloved Instant Pot. Recipes range from super simple to a bit more complex, giving home chefs options at every level to work with. A sampling of what you'll find inside: chicken and Brussels sprouts stew, scallion and pepper bowls, and beef meatball stew.



keto comfort foods cookbook3. If you always crave carbs: Keto Comfort Foods

Chicken and gravy, clam chowder, chicken pot pie, mashed "fauxtatoes"...nutrition expert Maria Emmerich's cookbook has them all. In fact, there's recipes for 350 classic comfort foods in her book, from breakfast straight through dessert. She's mastered the art of smart substitution, and all her secrets are in this book.


ketogenic air fryer cookbook4. If you're in love with your air fryer: Ketogenic Air Fryer Cookbook

With over 500 recipes, this cookbook by Jeff Jones proves that the air fryer can be used way beyond just healthier chip options—it can create full-on keto-approved meals. Some of the recipes you'll find inside include chili lamb and cucumber salsa, spring onions and chicken breast, and chili salmon and shrimp bowls.


keto desserts cookbook5. If you have a serious sweet tooth: Easy Keto Desserts

Following the ketogenic diet doesn't mean a life without pie, cake, or ice-cream. Carolyn Ketchum's book Easy Keto Desserts includes 60 dessert recipes that are all low-carb and low-sugar. One-bowl brownies? No-bake cheesecake? Please, sign me up.


one pot ketogenic cookbook6. If you just hate doing dishes: The One Pot Ketogenic Diet Cookbook

The One Pot Ketogenic Diet Cookbook by Liz Williams will make your life easier—period. As the title suggests, all the recipes (there are 100 of 'em) only require one pot, making clean-up a mere five minute ordeal. But that doesn't mean the meals skimp on creativity or flavor. From cheesy cauliflower rice to keto hot fudge, all your food needs will be satisfied.

keto meal prep cookbook7. If you're short on time during the week: Keto Meal Prep 

Another keto win by Liz Williams is her book Keto Meal Prep. In it, you'll find helpful grocery lists of ketogenic basics along with three different two-week meal prepping plans. (So really, you can go through the book three times and never eat the same thing.) The recipes have step-by-step instructions and storage tips, ensuring food waste is kept at a minimum.


wicked good ketogenic cookbook8. If you're on a budget: The Wicked Good Ketogenic Diet Cookbook

While many believe eating healthy requires a sizable budget, Amanda Hughes' book shows that this is one eating plan that doesn't have to cost your whole paycheck. Besides recipes like ricotta-almond doughnuts and rosemary-chili crusted New York strip steak, the book also includes an easy-to-follow meal plan, crafted with being budget-conscious in mind.


ketogenic mediterranean cookbook9. If you're torn between keto and the Med diet: Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet

If there's one eating plan that can rival the ketogenic diet in popularity, it's the Mediterranean diet. With Diana Kalos's cookbook, you don't have to choose between them. All the recipes follow the rules for both. After all, many of the foods that are the cornerstones of the Mediterranean diet—like salmon, olive oil, and nuts—are full of healthy fats, making them keto compliant, too.

While you wait for your cookbook to arrive in the mail, check out these keto-approved recipes for your Instant Pot and this ketogenic pad Thai.

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