6 Keto-Snack Ideas to Get at the Gas Station for Healthy Summer-Road-Trip Fuel

Photo: Getty Images/Kristina Lindberg
Whether you're hitting the road solo or with a jam-packed car full of people you love, there are three big requirements you'll need in order to fuel a summer road trip: gas (i.e. literal fuel), good tunes, and a trusty supply of snacks. Considering that while you're at one with the road, you generally have no idea how many miles away (let alone miles out of the way) the nearest spot is for an awesome chopped salad, toting along healthy snacks is extra important—especially if you're trying your darnedest to stick to a specific eating plan, like the ketogenic diet.

Fortunately, there's quite a long list of snacks that fall into the high-fat, moderate-protein, low-carb bucket that aligns with the diet plan. And, yes, that includes a whole slew of options that don't require refrigeration and can hang out in your car for a while without going bad. Rounded up here are some delish ketogenic-diet-friendly snacks to bring along for the ride to your restorative summer vacay. After all, you have to fuel your adventure somehow, right?

Check out 6 ketogenic-diet-friendly snacks to bring on your summer road trip.

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