Get Into the Swing of Things With 6 Arm-Sculpting Kettlebell Workouts

Photo: Stocksy/Studio Firma
It only takes a few rounds of swings and squats with the heavy piece of iron in hand to feel accomplished enough to call it a day. But while kettlebells are commonly utilized in workouts targeting the lower body, you can use them to rotate through a series of kettlebell arm workouts to yield impressive results. Once you've chosen the right weight for your fitness level (pick a lighter weight for single-arm exercises), you're ready for tricep extensions, overhead presses, and more. Ready to get sweaty?

These are the best kettlebell arm workouts

1. Overhead press

1. Keeping a neutral wrist, press the kettlebell up, rotating your palm out and keeping your upper arm by your ear.

2. Pull the kettebell down back into position, keeping tension the entire time.

2. Kettlebell rows

1. Hinge forward from the hips and lower your chest, stopping before your lower back starts to round.

2. Slowly pull the kettlebell up toward your body into a row, then lower it back down.

3. Bottoms up kettlebell press

1. Squeezing your butt, raise the kettlebell up toward the ceiling into a press, watching it the entire time.

2. Bring it down using your lats, using your free hand to protect your head and stabilize the kettlebell as needed.

4. Kettlebell plank rows

1. Get into a plank position, balancing with a kettlebell in each hand.

2. Perform a slow and controlled row on each side.

Bonus: If you feel sturdy, do a knee tuck on each side between rows.

5. Tricep extension

1. Engage your abs and keep your legs straight as you bring the kettlebell over your head with both hands.

2. Bend your elbows, slowly lowering and raising the kettlebell behind your head.

6. Kettlebell front raise

1. With the kettlebell in both hands, slowly raise it in front of your body so it's at eye level.

2. Lower the kettlebell back down with control.

If you really want to take your arm workouts to another level, you might want to hit the floor. You're also going to want to try the routine Ashley Graham swears by.

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