I’ve Tried Hundreds of Dollars of Curl Creams, and This Is the Best One

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As the middle of five children in a household of seven, you would think that statistically, it wouldn't be possible for me to be the only person with curly hair. But here I am—the only member of my extended family without pin-straight strands. For most of my life, I partook in heavy experimentation with styling products, with hair tools, and with haircuts—all of which prevented me from ever becoming loyal to a hair-care product or even a brand. All of this changed, however, when a bottle of Kevin Murphy Killer Curls ($59) made its way onto my desk.

My hair is a conundrum—it's somehow both incredibly silky and exceptionally frizzy. Most of the time it feels like a rats nest, but it also doesn't ever have enough grip to it. My dream leave-in product smoothes the frizz without it looking like I'm rocking jerry curls, defines my curls without making them look like curly fries, and weighs things down a little without completely getting rid of all volume. Essentially I thought I was asking for an anomaly, but since using my first pump of this curl cream, I've gone through four bottles.

It gives my hair the grip and that non-squeaky clean feeling that I imagine salt spray give my straight-haired brethren, and simultaneously smoothes frizz and defines curls. Also, this is a controversial opinion but it's very fragrant which is something I actually enjoy from a hair-care product because when you lean in to hug someone they always remark on how your hair smells so good.

The only caveat is, you need a lot—and not just because I'm overzealous. I do find myself using an average of four or five pumps with every use. But considering my Goldilocks tastes for the perfect hair product, I will probably be embalmed in this cream at my funeral.

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