I Bought a Liter of This Fancy Lotion Because It Changed My Skin in Just One Week

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Everyone laughs at me, but I love, love, love showering at my yoga studio. And it's not because I can control the shower pressure (swoon!), or because I don't have to worry about washing my own towels (score!). It's because the entire locker room is bedecked with Kiehl's products—most notably the Creme de Corps ($40), which I slather on my body with the enthusiasm of an unsupervised child with a jar of cake frosting.

After I've gently patted my skin with a towel, I pump the lotion generously in one palm and rub the creamy-rich stuff from head-to-toe on skin that's still slightly damp. (This helps the product absorb better, BTW.) Where my skin was once thirsty, cracked, and begging for some tender loving care, it's now as soft and smooth. Even if I've neglected my complexion for a week or two, Creme de Corps redeems my oversight without leaving me feeling like a slippery, greasy seal. It dries in a minute or two—and I can slide on my work pants (cough, leggings) without issue.

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One look at the lotion's label reveals why the concoction feels like heaven against your skin. It's primary ingredients include Beta-Carotene, an antioxidant fit to fight free-radical damage; cocoa butter, a rich lipid that gives it its thick, buttery texture; and sesame, which softens the skin. The trio come together for a formula that's odorless (just the way I like it) and feels completely luxurious. I love it so much, in fact, that I've taken the plunge and purchased a liter-sized bottle of the stuff to use within the comfort of my own home.

Don't get me wrong: I'll still be using lavish amounts of Creme de Corps while I'm riding that post-vinyasa high. But now I can go for round two (or three, or four...) before I'm snuggled up in bed. 

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