Kim Kardashian’s Brilliant Trick for Getting Rid of Deodorant Stains

Photo: Instagram/@kimkardashian
Even though Kim Kardashian seems to emit an aura of perfection at all times—even when she wore no makeup to a show at New York Fashion Week earlier this year—she still has to deal with plebeian issues. Namely, the annoyance that is deodorant stains.

On her app, the celeb, reality star, and recent beauty brand founder revealed her tried-and-true tricks for fighting those elusive white marks that happen basically any time you put on a shirt post-application (just me?). Turns out, it just involves something that probably already exists in your dresser.

“It’s really unexpected, but nylon stockings can get deodorant stains out of clothes,” she writes. So basically, your tights do more than just hide your unshaven legs.

Kardashian notes that a fresh pair is ideal, and says you can also use other (clean!) items that may be lying around your house: a dryer sheet, a Beautyblender, or a sponge. Who knew? Even a star that has a glam squad on-hand 24/7 has to figure out innovative ways to deal with the mundane. Well, whichever Kardashian-approved method you try yourself, it sure sounds more graceful than spit.

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