Torch Every Muscle With Kirsty Godso’s 5-Move, Full-Body Workout

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Even if you walk through the doors of your gym with a pep in your step and a pair of kicks fresh enough to turn (sneaker)heads, one glance around the room might spark a bout of workout-move amnesia. (Like, how do I use resistance bands again?) So rather than sweating the details of how to string together a full-body sweat sesh yourself, let Kirsty Godso—Nike master trainer and HIIT queen—design a game plan for you.

In an IG post from yesterday, the New York-based fitness instructor demonstrated five moves designed to torch your bod from head to toe, including variations on pikes, burpees, and mountain climbers. To replicate the sequence, you'll need to scour your gym's equipment stash for its bosu, balance, and medicine balls. Then, make sure your ponytail is tight, and get down to business.

Keep scrolling for Godso's full sequence.

Recover, then repeat the whole sequence 3 times. 

1. Swiss ball angle single tuck to pike: Begin in a plank with your feet on the balance ball. Using your core, drive your hips upward while simultaneously tucking one leg into your chest. When your hips are above your shoulders, straighten the bent leg upwards towards the sky. Return to plank. Complete eight reps on both legs.

2. Medicine ball slam to chest pass: Come to standing, holding the medicine ball. Slam it onto the floor, catch it, then slam it against the wall. Repeat for 45 seconds.

3. Heel tap to burpee: Start standing. Jump up in the air and kick your heels back to touch your hands. When you land, immediately drop to the floor keeping your whole body parallel to the ground. Repeat for 45 seconds.

4. Bosu ball mountain climber: Place the bosu ball on the floor with round part facing down a few feet from a wall.  While gripping the rim of the bosu with both hands, climb your feet up the wall so you're in an inversion-slash-plank position. Then, start doing mountain climbers, bringing your right knee then left knee into your chest. Repeat for 45 seconds.

5. Elevated single leg hip bridge: Lie down with your hips about a foot away from the wall with your arms straight out beside you. Place one foot on the wall with the other foot pointing straight up to the sky. Press your hips up to the sky, then return them to the ground. Complete 16 reps on each leg.

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