These Antimicrobial Wraps Offer a New Way to Prevent COVID-19 Transfer at the Gym

With many gyms opening their doors across the country, safety precautions are being taken in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while people are exercising and trying to stay healthy. At this point, we all know keeping your distance, wearing a mask while working out, and sanitizing every machine before and after you use it can help decrease your risk, but antimicrobial wraps could make a difference, too.

If you haven't seen anyone using KleenWraps at your local gym yet, there's a good chance that could soon change. The waterproof wraps are increasing in popularity for one simple reason: They can be secured around dumbbells, barbells, elliptical handles, and more in seconds, providing you with an antimicrobial barrier against germs. While they're made from neoprene, velcro, and silicone grips, the reusable wraps also feature the antimicrobial agent iHeir-333.


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According to the website, this agent is "ionized to the neoprene and breaks down the cellular structure of pathogens it comes into contact with, reducing their strength and rate of transmission." The company also states this is the only patented personal gym grip cover for protection against the germs and bacteria that live on gym equipment. While no product is perfect, using these wraps on high-touch surfaces—whether that's at the gym, on your shopping cart, or even the handlebars of a bike—could keep you safer thanks to providing you with a barrier between you and whatever you're touching.

Right now, KleenWraps are available online in packs that range from $15 to $45. There are different wrap sizes and pack sizes available depending on your needs (and how often you want to do laundry). Speaking of which, every purchase comes with a mesh bag that allows you to easily machine wash your wraps between uses (just like you would your face masks!). That way, you're always left with a clean wrap for your workouts, grocery runs, and beyond.


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