How to Score a Trendy Knotted Headband for Under $25 on Amazon

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Every summer, like clockwork, my Instagram feed becomes a series of shots of influencers on vacation in Italy, engagement announcements from people I haven't spoken to since high school, and photos that have me genuinely wondering: "Are those hotdogs, or are they legs?"

This summer, though, there's been a new addition to the rotation of photos I'm seeing when I log into the app: knotted headbands. It seems like everywhere I look, someone is stepping up their game with an Upper East Sider-approved accessory placed artfully on their crown. Something about the juxtaposition of a traditional headband with the rogue knot makes the accessories equal parts preppy and boho, which isn't an easy feat. Weirdly enough, the style seems just as at home on the beach in Capri as it does in someone's "why am I at work while everyone else is on the Amalfi Coast" desk selfie. In other words: They're for everyone and they go with everything.

Chances are, the hair jewelry you're seeing displayed on the heads of your favorite fashion and beauty 'grammers and splayed across magazine editorials were designed by Lele Sadoughi. She sells absolutely gorgeous knotted headbands in every color, print, and fabric you can imagine—there is even a tie-dye option that speaks to me—and many of them are bejeweled with fancy baubles like rhinestones and pearls.

Lele Sadoughi's headbands are amazing, no doubt, and she deserves a whole lot of credit for once again making headbands as cool as they were when Blair Waldorf was wearing them on the steps of the Met (#TBT, y'all). But at $40-$185 a pop, they're admittedly on the pricier side of the hair accessories spectrum. It seems that other designers have taken note of the viral success of the knotted headband trend, and have hopped on with some more affordable options of their own—all of which are available on Amazon, and you can get for less than $25 a pop.

Shop some of our selects below, and get ready to feel fabulous—whether you're sipping an aperol spritz on the Amalfi or taking selfies at your desk.

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