The Refreshing Elixir That Helps You Become More Outgoing—No Alcohol Necessary

Photos: Nitsa Citrine

Nitsa Citrine
Nitsa Citrine Photo: Brett Morrison

You know that moment at a dinner party or social gathering when the room is just buzzing with energy? Everyone is immersed in conversation, regardless of how well they knew each other at the beginning of the evening, and laughter is so common it becomes background noise.

A well-stocked bar is always a hit, but it isn't required for a successful soirée.

Nitsa Citrine, creative director of transformational herb powerhouse Sun Potion, relies instead on natural herbs to get a good energy buzz. When stirred into a glass of kombucharhodiola, damiana extract, and reishi mushrooms turn a refreshing beverage into a heart-opening, mind-sharpening tonic. It's the perfect combo for meeting people, really.

Scroll down for the party-pleasing recipe.

fermented elixir cocktail

Nitsa Citrine's Mind Elevating and Heart Opening Elixir

Yields 1 serving

16 oz of your favorite jun or kombucha (Citrine recommends Herb Junction's Love Potion No. 9)
1/2 tsp rhodiola powder
12 drops damiana extract tincture
6 drops Dragon Herbs Wild Red Reishi extract tincture
6 drops Sleeping Monk Infinite Mind extract tincture

1. Add a spoonful of the rhodiola powder to your favorite glass. Then add the three liquid tinctures (it will froth a little, but that's totally normal)

2. Stir the herbal concentrate, then fill glass halfway with kombucha.

3. It will alchemize a lot more. This whips everything up. When the foam goes down, you may choose to add a little more kombucha.

4. Serve and sip with love.

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