Why Karlie Kloss and Mila Kunis Are Investing in This Coconut Oil-Infused Beauty Brand

Photo: Kopari

Coconut oil has been a natural beauty star for some time now among clean skin-care aficionados, but a big-time investment in Kopari Beauty—a non-toxic brand that features the rockstar ingredient—marks an important step in the clean beauty revolution.

L Catterton, the world's largest consumer-focused private equity firm (which is also partnered with LVMH), invested an undisclosed amount in the natural beauty brand, in a deal announced yesterday. Also putting their money into the brand? Celebs Mila Kunis, Karlie Kloss, Ashton Kutcher, Hilary Duff, and Shay Mitchell.

"This is really going to help us get to the true potential of this brand," says James Brennan, co-founder of Kopari. "I think [natural beauty] is a segment that's growing rapidly, and I believe the group at L Catterton recognizes that and wants to be a part of it."

"Over the last couple of years we've really seen greater mindfulness and awareness amongst consumers around ingredients."

Kopari also recently became available on Sephora's website, and officially launches in the beauty megachain's Scouted section tomorrow with Coconut Melt and Coconut Body Glow—which adds to the increasing availability of cleaner products for shoppers who know how to read a beauty label (holla!).

"We’re seeing health and wellness play out across a broad set of categories, from beauty, to boutique fitness, to athletic apparel, to natural and organic foods," says Michael Farello, managing partner of L Catterton's growth fund. "Over the last couple of years we've really seen greater mindfulness and awareness amongst consumers around ingredients. For us, it's a natural extension as people are focused on what they're putting in their bodies."

Though L Catterton has invested in beauty brands before, this is its first venture into the clean skin-care world, which certainly signifies a shift in the industry—as well as the customer mindset. Consider it a win for the ever-growing army of green beauty products.

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