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Kosas Just Dropped a Shine-Zapping Powder That Won’t Completely Flatten Your Skin

If you've got dry skin, chances are you've been conditioned to believe that you should stay as far away from "mattifying" makeup as humanly possible. This means that setting powder—which has long been known as enemy number one of dewy skin—has always been off the table. But thanks to a new formula from Kosas, those of us with dehydrated complexions will finally be able to enjoy the benefits of setting powder without the usual dry, flattening finish.

Kosas' new Cloud Set Powder ($34)—which launched today—was designed to make us re-think everything we thought we knew about setting powder, and prove that, with the right ingredients, it can be dry skin's best friend. "When we started formulating a setting powder, it was important to me that the end result still left the skin looking hydrated and healthy while controlling the unwanted shininess," says the brand's founder, Sheena Yaitanes. "The active ingredients we used in the formula allow skin to look like real skin, making it ideal for people who are turned off by the extreme mattifying effect of most setting powders."

What makes the product stand out from others on the market is the fact that it has skin-nourishing ingredients blended directly into the powder, which prevents it from ever being chalky or dry. "Passion fruit extract is hydrating and smooths the appearance of fine lines, Chinese Peony helps shrink the look of pores, and bamboo stem extract balances oil production," says Yataines.  The end result is this light, buttery texture that controls shine, but still lets you glow—a win-win." For best results, she suggests twirling the powder onto your skin with a tapered brush.

Kosas Cloud Set Powder, $34

As someone with dry skin, setting powders have long been excluded from my makeup routine, and when I first got my hands on the Kosas rendition, I was skeptical that it would live up to Yaitanes' promises. But she was right: When I applied it on top of the brand's cult-fave Tinted Face Oil, it was somehow able to maintain the foundation's dewy finish and left my skin looking and feeling like skin, and made the T-Zone shine that tends to show up every day after 2 p.m. totally invisible. The fine powder particles helped to set my makeup for an entire day, and never once gave me the sort of cakiness I've come to expect from setting powders. It really is as dry-skin friendly as it claims to be. I never thought I'd say this about a setting powder, but this one has officially earned itself a place in my permanent beauty routine.

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