The Kosas Mascara Has Ended My Lifelong Search for the Perfect Tube

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Photo: Kosas
Make some space in your makeup bag immediately: One of the most anticipated mascara launches of the year just hit the shelves. Kosas The Big Clean Mascara ($26) is here, and it's about to make your other mascara wands gather dust in the back of your beauty cabinet. This is a big deal because ever since Kosas launched with its lipsticks in 2015, the makeup brand has continually put out five-star rated color cosmetics with skin-nourishing ingredients. And, in true Kosas fashion, The Big Clean is equally effective as both a lash-care treatment and a damn good mascara.

When you coat your lashes with the mascara, you're getting all of the nourishing ingredients that experts recommend for healthy hair: There's castor oil, a hair boosting-fatty acid that promotes growth as it hydrates; vitamin B5 (aka panthenol) which helps repair damage hair follicles; biotinoyl tripeptide-1, the most concentrated component of biotin; and botanical-derived waxes to hold your lashes into place. So, rather than drying out your lashes as you wear your mascara every single day, this formula actively helps to fortify your lashes so that they're actually stronger than they were before wearing it.

Photo: Kosas

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While the hair-care-focused perks are impressive, mascara aficionados will be even more blown away by how The Big Clean transforms bare lashes into fluttery, fanned-out fringe. The wand has a curve in it that fits the shape of your eye, and, with a curved brush and spiraled bristles, you get big-time fluff with just one swipe. I'm not kidding: The second I swiped this mascara onto my lashes, I was shook by how my hairs instantly appeared twice as long and full... with just one application. If you want more drama, two coats will bring that fake lashes look, and you won't see any clumps.

As someone who regularly gushes about Kosas products to my friends and colleagues (I wear the Tinted Face Oil and LipFuel every single day), I'm not that surprised that the brand's mascara is out-of-this-world good. It's extra-special, though, because founder Yaitanes experienced lash loss for years from mascaras, and had to ditch her favorite makeup product for good—until she formulated her own.  "I wanted to figure out a way to have massive, fake-looking lashes and a clean treatment that would support that loss and growth cycle [of lashes] using the ingredients I have learned about with lash loss," she said in a brand meeting about the launch. She did good.

If there were ever a mic drop in the mascara world, IMHO, this launch is it.

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