4 Ways Kourtney Kardashian Uses Manuka Honey for Health and Beauty

Photo: Instagram/@kourtneykardash

One thing's for sure about Kourtney Kardashian—the eldest of the celeb sisters definitely keeps up with wellness trends.

She makes an avocado smoothie every morning, she instills body confidence in her children, and she avoids two major inflammation triggers: dairy and gluten.

Another way Kardashian keeps it healthy? She gets krafty (had to) with super-healing (and glow-inducing) ingredient Manuka honey.

"After I had Mason, I stopped taking medicine—I just changed my lifestyle and felt like I wanted the most natural things that I could find and so I became really into Manuka honey," she reveals in a new episode of Amazon's Style Code Live

The reality star, who's newly been appointed a brand ambassador for Manuka Doctor Skincare thanks to her obsession, uses the ingredient religiously for achieving radiance from the inside out.

Keep reading to see all the ways Kardashian uses Manuka honey to stay healthy and radiant.

1. She eats it raw—sometimes by the spoonful

Remember when Mary Poppins sang about how a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down? Manuka honey is the epitome of that—except all wrapped into one completely natural elixir. On set Kardashian noticed the producers were always eating honey. "They would always say, ‘Because so and so is sick and we don’t want to get sick,’ so they would just eat the honey all the time," she says. So she started doing it and feeding it to her kids when they were sick, and voila—medicine straight from the earth.

2. She adds it to her smoothies—which double as hair masks

"To me, beauty comes from within as well, so I have this avocado shake every morning," says Kardashian. She then realized all these ingredients work wonders on your hair topically as well. "Mix the avocado and honey. Or even coconut oil—it's a good one to put in your hair." Sounds like she's pretty keen on the DIY beauty thing.

3. She drinks it in her tea

Of course, you could always go the classic route: tea with honey. Even Kardashian's daughter is into it. "[Penelope] loves tea," says Kardashian. "We do tea time a lot and so we’ll put the Manuka honey in it."

4. She slathers it on her skin

"I’m always looking for skin-care products that are natural or have natural ingredients but actually work, so I really loved the products [in the Manuka Doctor Skincare line]," says Kardashian. (I can vouch for this—I've replaced my facial cleanser with raw honey and it works wonders.) The celeb rubs it all over her face and décolettage. If you're looking to use the raw form, try using it as a mask for the ultimate glow.

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