The 3 Essential Oils That Kristin Cavallari Has in Regular Rotation

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Who knew that the former stars of MTV's The Hills (and Laguna Beach before that) would grow up to be forces in the wellness space? (Not me.) Whether it's Lauren Conrad's Paleo eating habits to Lo Bosworth's line of ultra-clean feminine products, the girls you used to watch for juicy drama are now people to look up to for health inspo.

Take Kristin Cavallari, for example—the mother of three has just partnered with Young Living Essential Oils' new mineral-based cosmetic line, Savvy Minerals (which launches today) and is now as obsessed with plants as she was with Stephen.

"I use a diffuser all the time."

"I try to be as natural as possible in every facet of my life, from cleaning supplies to skin care and beauty," says Cavallari. "It really happened when I got pregnant with my first son five years ago, when I started researching different ingredients and chemicals."

One of her fave ways to use botanicals? With essential oils. "I use a diffuser all the time," she says. "Now that it's warmer out, I've been gravitating towards more citrus oils," she says. "I use grapefruit a lot—I find it really energizing and I love how it smells. Lavender's also a year-round favorite, as is peppermint."

Cavallari's also become somewhat of a self-taught essential oil mixologist—she whips up her own blends depending on the season. "In cold and flu season, I have my immunity-boosting blend: lavender, thieves, lemon, oregano, and frankincense," the starlet explains.

And while stealing your frenemy's boyfriend is never encouraged, consider this your permission to take Cavallari's essential oil recipe and make it yourself.

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