Chill Out: Kristin Mcgee’s One-Step Frozen Yogurt Recipe

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The coolest dessert on a hot summer night? A Greek-style yogurt that you’ve popped in the freezer. Wish we thought of that!

Chobani Frozen Yogurt
You can scoop it—or squeeze it–out of the yogurt container

The coolest dessert on a hot summer night? A Greek-style yogurt that you’ve popped in the freezer.

Celebrity yoga instructor Kristin McGee shared this easy dessert trick that had us smacking our foreheads because we didn’t think of it. (And neither did Sandra Lee.)

McGee likens the texture to the center of a creamsicle (yum!) and prefers it to store-bought frozen yogurt.

Needless to say it's much healthier than ice cream. "The Chobani 2-percent-fat Greek yogurt with mango has about 160 calories and 3 grams of fat," reports McGee, compared to the calories and saturated fat of ice cream. (Haagen Dazs Five Strawberry is 420 and 22, respectively.)

Here’s how you make it:

1. Pop a flavored Greek-style yogurt in the freezer for 1 to 2 hours. Caution: If you leave it for longer than McGee's recommend time, you'll have yogurt ice block on your hands.

If you want to dress-up plain Greek yogurt, you could swirl in honey or dried fruit first, then pull the foil back over the container, and freeze it.

2. Peel off the foil, turn it over, squeeze the bottom of the yogurt container as you let it drop into a dish. Voila!

Kristin McGee
Kristin McGee keeps her cool with yoga—and frozen "homemade" yogurt

And the cherry on top:

Use fruit flavored yogurt
Chobani makes a lot of fruit flavored yogurts—like lemon and mango—but any Greek-style brand will do. “Last night, I popped a pomegranate one in the freezer, and when I came back home two hours later from class in the heat, the icy frozen yogurt was so amazing to have waiting for me,” says McGee.

Up-classing the yogurt container
Although McGee eats hers right out of the container, you could decant the frozen yogurt into some nice parfait glasses and serve with fresh fruit, drizzled honey, or warmed raspberry jam, and sprinkle with crushed cacao nibs at your next hot-weather dinner party. —Melisse Gelula

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