BYO Bag: the Biggest Grocery Chain in the Country Is Phasing Out Its Plastic Carryalls

Photo: W+G Creative
Plastic is slowly (but surely!) getting the boot. With it becoming increasingly clear just how much damage it does to ocean life and the environment, many companies have been focusing on amping up their sustainability efforts. Straws are already being swapped out with eco-friendly alternatives—thanks Starbucks!—and now, the country's biggest grocery chain is doing its part by announcing plans to phase out plastic bags for good.

Kroger Co.—which owns and operates more than 2,700 supermarkets across the United States, including Kroger, Ralphs, Harris Teeter, Food 4 Less, and Pick 'n Save—is ditching plastic bags completely by 2025 at all its locations, NPR reports. And to kick things off, QFC, its Seattle-based chain, is already slated to be plastic-bag-free by 2019. "We listen very closely to our customers and our communities, and we agree with their growing concerns. That's why starting today at QFC, we will begin the transition to more sustainable options," says Mike Donnelly, executive vice president and COO of Kroger Co..

Kroger Co.—which owns more than 2,700 supermarkets across the country—announced it will be ditching plastic bags completely by 2025 at all its locations.

Soon, grocery giant's supermarkets will only be selling reusable-bag options shoppers can use to tote their groceries home in, but you don't have to wait for those models to hit store aisles. There are plenty of super-cute reusable bags available now that you can keep in your car or larger purse to make sure every grocery trip is a plastic-free one—no matter whether your go-to store has a BYOBag policy or not.

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