5 Times Lady Gaga Proved Her Healthy Star Was Born *Long* Ago

Photo: Getty Images/Kevin Winters
Tonight is the night pop icon Lady Gaga adds "big-deal actress" to her list of credits. In fact, she's already the subject of Oscar buzz for her debut lead film role in A Star Is Born, alongside Bradley Cooper. So, yeah, it's a pretty big deal. Especially since, for this particular film's fourth adaptation, she's filling in the shoes of some iconic former leading ladies, including Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand.

While she's just now starting to make waves in the film industry, Lady Gaga's healthy star rose a long time ago: Over the years, she's mastered the art of keeping her well-being in check while traveling, getting real about her personal struggles with chronic pain, and even ordering the perfect Starbucks drink. So, in honor of her star rising higher, here are five award-winning habits on Lady Gaga's wellness résumé.

Check out 5 times Lady Gaga's healthy star rose long before the premiere of A Star Is Born.


1. She has SoulCycle bikes in her tour bus

When it comes to working out on the road, the boutique studio sweat seshes come to the Grammy winner rather than the other way around. Lady Gaga has two custom SoulCycle bikes on her tour bus so she can get in a workout whenever and wherever she wants.

2. She's open about her chronic pain—and takes the time she needs to heal

Lady Gaga isn't one to make everyone believe her life is perfect 24/7. In the past, she's been incredibly open about her health struggles, including her battle with chronic pain. To help herself stay healthy, she makes sure to give her body the time it needs to heal so she can keep doing what she loves.

3. She has her healthy Starbucks order down

When Lady Gaga hits up Starbucks, her order is always the same. In the past, she's said she's a huge fan of the matcha lemonade, which provides her all those benefits of the green tea (hello, glowing skin!) in a light and refreshing mix.

4. She's a fan of TRX and VersaClimber workouts

SoulCycle isn't the only workout Lady Gaga is into. In fact, right before her epic Super Bowl performance, she got in a TRX workout...like, backstage. And she also sings while she's sweatin' on a VersaClimber to make sure she can keep up with all that cardio while she's belting out her hits onstage.

5. She gets real about her mental health

Lady Gaga has spoken openly and candidly about her experiences with anxiety and depression—and how she's used medication to help her feel her best, though it's not a solution she'd recommend to everyone. One thing she does recommend, though, is not keeping mental-health struggles a secret. Because, she contends, that's not a great way to get better.

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