These Chiropractor-Approved Laptop Stands Are a Dream-Come-True for Aching Wrists and Necks

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Whether you're working at a desk, the kitchen table, or your couch, there's a good chance you're doing a lot of slouching. Your laptop screen is generally positioned lower than eye-level, so you're constantly looking down—and that's not great. The aftermath is all-over tightness and all-over pain. "You feel tightness in your shoulders, neck pain, headaches, or pain down your arms," says chiropractor Krista Burns, DC, founder of the American Posture Institute.

In order to prevent pain and aching in your neck, shoulders, arms, and wrists, you can use ergonomic equipment. "It supports proper postural design during work," she says. One of the best—and, generally, most affordable—pieces of ergonomic equipment you can buy is a laptop stand. "It's a great addition to any workspace, including at-home offices," she says. "Laptop stands help prevent pain because you can bring your laptop up to a safe working height with your arms by your sides, shoulders back, and your head up."

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  • Krista Burns, DC, Krista Burns, DC, is a chiropractor and the founder of the American Posture Institute.

When you're looking for a laptop stand, there are a few things Dr. Burns says to keep in mind. First, make sure the height is adjustable, or that it sits your laptop at a proper height. "This allows you to sit and work, or stand and work, at a safe height. One size does not fit all," she says. "Make sure your laptop is at eye level and that you aren't flexing your wrists upward or downward. Keep your neck, shoulders, and wrists in a neutral position while using your laptop."

Say goodbye to your aches and pains for good by getting one of these laptop stands for better posture.

The best chiropractor-approved laptop stands for better posture

1. PATIDO Adjustable Laptop Stand, $30

laptop stands for better posture

This laptop stand option from Dr. Burns can be raised and lowered to your liking, ensuring it sits at the perfect level. It also folds flat, making it easy to put in your backpack (like this pretty vegan leather option!) and take on the go.

Shop now: PATIDO Adjustable Laptop Stand, $30

2. VariDesk Pro Plus 30, $295

Shop now: VariDesk Pro Plus 30, $295

While this option is more expensive, Dr. Burns likes it because—aside from raising your screen—it can also be converted into a standing workspace.

3. Samdi Wooden Laptop Stand, $45

laptop stands for better posture

This dreamy wooden laptop stand is sturdy and has an anti-slip design that keeps your laptop in place. There's also a cutout in the back for your charging cord, keeping your workspace clutter-free.

Shop now: Samdi Wooden Laptop Stand, $45

4. OFFICE1ST Acrylic Laptop Stand, $42

laptop stands for better posture

This clear acrylic monitor stand keeps your workspace bright and airy. With your screen raised to eye-height, you're be able to work pain-free.

Shop now: OFFICE1ST Acrylic Laptop Stand, $42

5. Pannon Adjustable Laptop Stand, $40

laptop stands for better posture

This stand—which comes in black, gold, rose gold, and silver—has silicone pads on the bottom that keep your laptop stable. You can also raise and lower it to your preferred level.

Shop now: Pannon Adjustable Laptop Stand, $40

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