This Self-Cleaning Water Bottle Keeps My Water—And Itself—Cool, Clean, and Fresh

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When I'm home, I drink water out of a quart-sized mason jar. And when it's empty, I refill it, often going days without washing the glass. As I admit this on the internet, I recognize that it sounds disgusting. So when I started looking for a swap that I wouldn't be embarrassed to talk about, I decided to go big. I opted for the Larq Bottle PureVis ($95 to $118), a self-cleaning water bottle, because it ticks the low-maintenance box for me while still getting high marks for overall hygiene.

I also think the technology that makes this all possible is more-than-kinda cool. It's equipped with a UV-C LED light that eliminates up to 99.9999 percent of bio-contaminants (aka bacteria and germs) from your water and bottle. Once I fill it up, I tap the button on the top, wait for 60 seconds, and then my water (and bottle) are both clean. The light continues to run once every two hours to refresh my water on the reg. It's also double insulated so it can keep H2O cold for up to 24 hours.

But probably the feature I like best is that the water itself legit tastes like it ran through a filter, a bonus I didn't expect. That's because the light destroys the DNA of bacteria and odor-causing germs. (Just note, though, that the Larq Bottle PureVis doesn't have a filter, so it won't remove physical impurities like metals or fluoride from water.)

Larq Bottle PureVis

Shop now: Larq Bottle PureVis, $95 to $118

This might not be a big deal if you're filling up your bottle from your own tap or filtered pitcher, but if you're out and about, sourcing water from questionable taps, press the button twice to activate the three-minute adventure mode. It hits your H2O with a higher dose of UV-C light and the company recommends doing this whenever you're unsure about the quality of the water in question. They also suggest that you check the water quality where you're at and see if it's compatible with the Larq before buying.

Another major bonus for me? Because the bottle is always cleaning itself (as long as it's not in travel mode), I don't really ever have to wash it. Unless I'm using it for something other than water, adding fruit to my H2O foe added flavor, or get lipstick all on the rim. Still, the brand does recommend washing the bottle with soap and warm water and wiping the mouth area from time to time.

Somthing else I appreciate is the water-safe USB port on the lid that I use to charge my bottle—a single charge can last me one to two months, depending on how much I'm using it. If the bottle is empty, just hold down on the lid for five seconds to turn off the self-cleaning function—this is especially helpful when hopping on a plane. The lid also has a function light so I can always tell what my bottle is up to—I know when it's purifying and what mode it's in, when it's low on battery, and when the water inside is too hot.

The bottle comes in six colors and two different sizes, and I find that the 17 oz. is great for everyday use. It's small enough to fit comfortably in my purse or gym bag, but big enough to hold a decent amount of water. Still, to stay hydrated, you'll likely refill it five to seven times a day, which might help make the case for getting the 25-oz. bottle since it can hold more water yet fits in most cupholders. (You'd probs be looking at refilling it two to five times a day, depending on your H2O goals.)

Given my irregular washing habits and higher water intake, it should come as little surprise that my Larq Bottle PurVis is my new favorite thing since it allows me to continue to do both and not feel bad about it.

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