What Is It *Really* Like to Get a Perm for Your Eyelashes? One Editor Tried It to Find Out

Curious about lash lifts? Watch this video to see what the treatment's really like.

I grew up knowing all about hair perms. Case in point: My mom had a perm when she gave birth to me, and continued getting it a few times back in the 80s. But I've yet to experience a lash lift, which is essentially... a perm for your eyelashes.

Well+Good video producer Ella Dove is on the case. In the latest episode of Well+Good's video series, What the Wellness—in which we test out all of the most out-there things in the wellness world—Dove sits down at Hourglass Cosmetics in Soho to try out the lash treatment for herself.

The thing about lash lifts is that, unlike lash extensions, they're treating your natural lashes—with a curl—the way a perm does with your hair. The perk to this? Your lashes come out unscathed. "Some derms say extensions can damage the lash line," says Dove. "This just perks [them] up without adding anything to the face." So there's no damage involved—just an eyeball-friendly rod, some adhesive glue and a lash solution, and some under-eye patches.

You get to watch the whole thing in action—including Dove's attempt at taking a selfie with her eyes closed (can she do it?!)—from the adhesion to the curling and, of course, the Big Reveal. (Personally, I gasped.) We even check in with her four weeks later to see how her lashes are holding up. If you're at all curious about the treatment—or just want to watch a very entertaining video—tune into the show, and watch Dove live her best lifted life.

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