5 Last-Minute Getaways for Treating Mom to the Ultimate Self-Care Sunday

Photo: Instagram/@saguarohotels
Who feels like Mother's Day snuck up on them this year? *Raises hand.* If you're scrambling to find a special way to celebrate the leading lady in your life before this weekend, how about organizing an ultimate #selfcaresunday getaway?

There are hotels in or around every major hub—New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Austin—where you can host your perfect day or full weekend of pampering mom.

Don’t live in any of these cities or taking a getaway isn't an option? Get creative and tailor an afternoon of wellness for her at home. Go out for a light, healthy lunch. DIY a Zen meditation space to do yoga together. Pad the day with other things she loves. She’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness regardless.

For more inspo, check out the five spa getaways below.

Improve your odds of saving money on your last-minute ticket search by booking flights via a private browser. Or, stay in and use this guide to throwing the ultimate self-care staycation at home instead. 

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