This Beauty Line From Latham Thomas Is Perfect for the Self-Care Aficionado

Photo: Latham Thomas
It's obviously good to care for yourself in any way, shape, or form—but when you're throwing in a bath bomb or slathering on a beauty butter from a homemade brand, it feels like your TLC is that much more special.

So it's fitting that Latham Thomas—AKA the founder of Mama Glow and Well + Good Council member—has recently launched a small-batch skin-care collab with Good Medicine Beauty Lab that's all about self-care (she is a pro at it, after all).

Dubbed Glow Time, the five-piece set includes all of the essentials necessary for a few moments to tend to your most important asset: yourself.

“I am a lover of all things beauty and enjoy taking time to slow down and nurture myself," says Thomas. "It’s essential. I'm always recommending the best that green beauty has to offer, so it was time to create a self-care line that embodies all that I want women to experience."

"It’s all about mothering yourself first."

The line is complete with a bath soak, love butter, body oil, scrub, and cream, each of which is infused with rose (symbolic of love!), and actual love. "It’s all about mothering yourself first," says Thomas. And that kind of intentional beauty amps up the whole self-love and self-care thing a few notches (or five).

Speaking of, these are her tips on how to practice self-care while being an activist. And this is the low-stress, high-payoff approach to goal setting, according to Thomas. 

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