The Recognizable Beauty Brand That’s Low-Key Hiding at America’s Most Luxurious Hotel

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If flower-strung leis, limitless rainbows, and neon-lava-sprouting volcanoes come to mind when someone says, "Hawaii," you're not alone. My quest to make good on old-school '90s nostalgia brought me to the private island of Lāna‘i (which is accessible via a 45-minute ferry ride from Maui). What I found in place of the image in my head were indoor-outdoor botanical gardens, waterfalls on top of the cleanest beaches, and dozens of tiny cabanas that dotted the coast—par for the course, maybe, except all had a dash of Ex Machina futurism to them.

Case in point: Upon arrival at the The Four Seasons Lāna‘i—the hotel that was just ranked the best in the country by U.S. News & World Report—I was outfitted with a FitBit-esque wearable wristband instead of the usual credit card room key, to “allow for maximum flexibility” during activities like beachside yoga, custom meditation classes, or snorkeling around the coast. Inside the room, everything seemed to be available at the push of a digital button, from mood lighting settings like “sunset” and “relax” (my personal favorite) to calling a personal concierge—but of course, it was the enormous Kohler tub positioned across from a delightful vanity-mirror-meets-television that interested me most.

I immediately flipped through the channels, settled on a rom com, then reached for the tiny amber bottle of bath salts from a carefully displayed collection and emptied it into the tub. Pleased with the faint aroma of—what is that? pineapple?—I grabbed the body wash and poured in half of the contents for bubbles. Sinking into the suds with a glass of prosecco perched next to me, I spun around the bath bottles with the words “‘āina collection” stamped across the labels to find a familiar name inscribed on the back—Lather.

Aina beauty collection
Photo: Four Seasons Lanai

Yes, Lather, the familiar California-based brand that made waves for pioneering natural formulas after its founder Emilie Hoyt sought a way to deal with migraines sparked by synthetic fragrances. Already a fan of Hoyt’s forward-thinking ingredient lists, I felt compelled to find out more about her stealth partnership with the most luxurious resort in America.

Unsurprisingly, Hoyt let me know that the exclusive collection (read: you have to make it to the island to experience it, or have it shipped directly through the resort like many vacationers of yore) was the first “farm-to-tub” hospitality collaboration the brand designed (they've since gone on to partner with a number of hotels to custom concoctions). “Our focus on supporting local suppliers and communities resonated with the Four Seasons Lāna‘i',” Hoyt explains of the eight-piece line. “We worked with the only organic farm on the island, Alberta’s Farm, and ultimately selected kukui nut (or candlenut, Hawaii’s state tree) for its skin- and hair-care benefits.”

Touting conditioning emollients, vitamins A, E, and F, and blended with environmental protectors against elements like sun, salt, and wind, the formula is even packaged in post-consumer recycled materials that are then printed with soy-based inks. “Together, we created ʻāina, whose name translates to 'land that nourishes' in Hawaiian,” shares Erin Quon, the Four Seasons Resorts Lāna‘i' director of rooms, noting that the fruity notes I picked up on pay homage to Lāna‘i's history as one of the world’s largest cultivators of pineapples.

For Hoyt, the quiet pairing is really about embracing the otherworldly location and its existing balance. “The property is so special because you feel the intention behind it—it offers the best of what nature gives and doesn’t try to compete with that—in my opinion, there isn’t anything we can do that will ever out preform what nature already offers in terms of beauty, inspiration, and rejuvenation.” And with their feel-good approach to respecting the land and its inhabitants, this low-key bath alliance offers yet another excuse to book a sunbathed wellness trip—even if you choose to spend half of your time soaking (literally) in paradise.

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