35+ Latinx-Owned Wellness Brands To Support Now and Always

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Hispanic Heritage Month, or what we're terming Latinx Heritage Month is underway. The month pays tribute each year to the cultures and contributions of both Hispanic and Latinx Americans—as well as a celebration of heritage rooted in all Latin American countries—from September 15 to October 15. One of the best ways you can support the community now and always is with the almighty dollar. From hair care to skin care to home decor, there are so many amazing Latinx-owned wellness brands to shop.

Unfortunately, since major retailers notoriously neglect brands owned by Black and brown people, it's not as easy to shop these brands as it could and should be. One group looking to fix this is  We Are Women Owned, who is hosting a virtual pop-up, showcasing over 100 Latina-owned small businesses though October 15. Additionally, we've rounded up some of our favorite Latinx-owned wellness brands.

The best Latinx-owned wellness brands


Alamar Cosmetics

This cruelty-free brand aims to create makeup that works for all skin tones and is affordable. Almar Cosmetics recently launched in Target.

Brujita Skincare

Get your hands on everything from cleaners to masks from Brujita Skincare. Take the brand's skin quiz to shop the best products for your needs

Rizos Curls

With products designed for loose waves, tight coils, and everything in between, this natural hair-care line caters to curly hair. It also sells accessories like detangling combs and adorable hairpins.

Overt Skincare

Overt Skincare is a company that aims to be transparent, effective, and charitable. All of the products are formulated with the highest quality ingredients, the products are made with recyclable materials, and 10 percent of profits go to charity.

Ella's Eve Cosmetics

Ella’s Eve Cosmetics was founded by two sisters who wanted to share their love for make-up. They sell lip and eye products.

Elba Vegan Skin Care

This vegan skin-care line carries cleansers, serums, lip balms, and more.


Based out of Astoria, NY, this brand carries artisan soap, bath salts, bath bombs, and reusable cleaning pads.


Brazi Bites

Brazi Bites brings Brazillian cheese bread to America. Though Brazilian cheese bread is traditionally made with"minas" cheese, which is only available in Brazil, the founders played with tons of different cheeses and settled on a cheddar-parmesan flavor and garlic asiago. The brand also sells empanadas.

Chosen Foods

Chosen Foods is the leading producer of 100 percent avocado oil and creators of avocado-inspired non-GMO kitchen essentials including cooking sprays, dressings, simmer sauces, mayos, guacamole, and avocado salsa.


Salut offers plant-based infusions for cocktails and mocktails. Each bottle comes with the ingredients you just have to add liquor or wine for cocktails or water for mocktails.


Shop tea blends that use organic, fair trade, ecologically farmed Yerba maté leaves sourced directly from South America.


Turn to Loquita for fun face and body products like lip scrubs, bath bombs, and cuticle oil.

Pass the Salt

For your next at-home date night, consider getting a personalized small-batch hosting kit from Pass the Salt. Each kit includes everything you need to make cocktails using artisan-level ingredients. For 15 percent off your box, enter the code WELLGOOD15.

Peach Box Co.

From an espresso kit to a picnic box, shop these curated boxes. The brand's offerings make perfect gifts for friends and family (or yourself).

Siete Foods

Shop yummy tortilla chips, sauces, dips, and more from this Latinx-owned food brand. The brand also has a ton of recipes so you can get creative with your purchases.

Home Decor and Accessories

Wool & Indigo

This shop sells a collection of sustainably made hand-knotted rugs, home fragrance, personal fragrance, pillows, and throw blankets. The products are handcrafted by a collective of skilled global artisans utilizing natural fibers like wool, cotton, and hemp.

Urban Wanderlust

Shop 100 percent cruelty-free, vegan, phthalate-and-paraben free candles, made in Queens, NY. All of its shipment packaging is biodegradable and plastic-free and the candles are made with eco-cotton wicks. You can also enroll in the brand's jar recycling program.

Vela Negra

These 100 percent vegan coconut soy wax candles are made with black wax, because "black absorbs and dispels negative energies and provides new beginnings and clarity." The candles also feature ethically sourced wooden wicks, fragrance, and dye.


For beautiful macrame wall hangings and cork purses, shop Yabisí.


The Modern Woman Planner

If you love keeping a planner, consider these quarterly planners which are meant to be used for three months out of the year.


For intimate-care products and sexual-wellness products, look no further than sexologist-curated Bloomi. You can pick up everything from organic tampons to sex toys.

House of Intuition

This metaphysical brand is perfect for shopping spiritual items like manifestation candles, crystals, and fragrance burning oils.



This activewear brand brings together luxury, fashion, shapewear, and performance to provide a sculpting fit. It aims to redefine activewear with strong silhouettes, deeply saturated colors, and bold prints.


Artega carries ethically and sustainably made clothing made by indigenous Mayan embroiderers and weavers.

Tie Dye and Tonic

For one-of-a-kind tie dye pieces without struggling through doing your own tie-dye work, shop athleisure pieces from Tie Dye and Tonic.

Paz Lifestyle

Paz Lifestyle is an e-commerce site supporting artisanal work. You can find clothing, accessories, home decor, and beauty products from this curated shop.

Casa Muza

Clothes from this ready-to-wear bohemian-inspired brand are designed in New York City's Lower East Side and made by artisans in Guatemala. They've developed a close relationship with the artisans who create each piece, ensuring fair trade, ethical, and safe work environments.

Find & Revive

For second-hand goodies, shop Find & Revive, a vintage clothing store based in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Palma Swim

Palma Swim is a sustainable mask and swimwear brand that uses fabrics made from recycled bottles. It donates 8 percent of sales to Puerto Rican charities Banco de Alimentos Puerto Rico, Inc. and Mentes Puertorriquenas.


Xula Handmade

Xula Handmade is an ethical fashion brand that showcases one-of-a-kind artisanal accessories made by women artisans in Mexico. You'll find tote bags, decorative tassels, coin purses, earrings, and more.


Handcrafted out of polymer clay and resin,  these earrings are designed to help your look make a statement every day—not just on special occasions.


Shop beautiful silk scarves from Centinelle. The fun and whimsical patterns are hand-drawn in California.

Woven Futures

For sustainably-made hats, scrunchies, headbands as well as throw pillows and blankets, shop Woven Futures. All of the products are handmade by Indigenous artisans in Guatemala.

Meraki Wayuu

Meraki Wayuu sells colorful handmade bags that make amazing statement pieces.

Gleam Eyewear

For super-cute blue-light glasses, look no further than Gleam Eyewear. These non-prescription lenses can help prevent digital eye strain, which can lead to issues like neck and shoulder pain, eye strain, headaches, dry eyes, insomnia, and blurred vision.

Second Wind

If you're in search of a handy (and incredibly cute) way to store your mask, Second Wind has you covered. The brand sells mask chains as well as face masks.

Ari Jogel

This brand sells facemasks and gender-neutral t-shirts—all made in Los Angeles.

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