This Seoul Barista Is Serving up Seriously Magical Creations

Photo: Instagram/@leekangbin91

Latte art is like coffee sorcery to me; I'm honored and amazed when a barista hands me my latte with a little zig-zag in it. But zig-zags are mere child's play for Lee Kang-Bin (이강빈), a latte art wizard and co-owner of Café C. Through in Seoul.

Lee sells his creations—what he calls cream art—at his café, and posts photos and videos of his work on his Instagram, @leekangbin91, where he has 196,000 followers. The cream art goes for a little over $6.50, and you have to make reservations in order to get one of three that he makes daily (reservations appear to be closed right now).

"Coffee is a fairy tale to me," Lee told CNN recently. "It helps me express exactly what I want and brings my dreams to life. People who specialize in latte art usually only use two colors: black and white. But I wanted to break that color limit."

Scroll through to see some of Lee's most jaw-dropping cream art.

Lattes aren't just getting topped with art—there are otherworldly blue algae lattes and even avolattes, the Instagram joke that became a reality. 

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