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Fake the Effect of False Eyelashes With a Single Swipe of This Clean Mascara

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As a beauty editor who basically tests mascara for a living, my criteria for what makes a product "good" is pretty extensive. It needs to lengthen and curl my lashes without clumping, give them an inky black tint, and stay on no matter how sweaty my face gets. It's not an easy feat, and there are very few formulas on the market that have actually lived up to these impossibly high standards. But with the new launch of Lawless Beauty's new The One and Done Mascara ($25), I've found my dream mascara that does it all in a single swipe.

Because silicones and beeswax are usually what helps give mascaras their lengthening and volumizing properties, clean, vegan formulas have been historically difficult to develop—which explains why it took the Lawless's founder, Annie Lawless, years to come up with one she was ready to put on the market. She wanted to create a product that would give lashes some serious oomph, and that stood apart from the usual "no makeup makeup" mascaras that tend to dominate in the clean beauty space. The result was worth the wait.

Lawless The One and Done Mascara


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With just one coat, the One and Done Mascara achieves the trifecta of making lashes look longer, thicker, and darker without a single clump in sight. The secret is in the brush, which is made with evenly spaced elastomer bristles designed to prevent clumping. It's flexible, which allows you to apply product evenly, and has a first-of-its-kind spherical tip that you can use to more precisely style and separate fringe.

Application aside, what really blew me away the first time I tried the product was the fact that it doesn't drip down my face—even in 90-degree temperatures. It stays in place no matter how much eye-rubbing or sweating that I force it to stand up to, yet somehow also manages to come off easily at night with nothing more than a micellar water-soaked cotton pad.

Beyond just making your lashes look great, The One and Done Mascara serves double duty by delivering lash-nourishing ingredients while you wear it. It's got argan oil, which helps to condition lashes, and castor oil, which is believed to help support a healthy growth environment. So even on your no-mascara days, you'll still armed with a set of luxurious-looking lashes.

My mascara drawer still has at least 30 different tubes floating around in it, but this is the one I'm using every day.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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