Le Creuset’s New (Affordable!) Collection Will Make Your Bowls of Summer Nice Cream Très Chic

Photo: Le Creuset
If you've been part of the Le Creuset Wish List Club for as long as you can remember, you're in luck: While the company's classic kitchen essentials skew pricey, an affordable new mini collection just became available, and it's about to make your bowls of nice cream even more Instagrammable.

The Sorbet Collection features dreamy pastel-colored bowls, mugs, teaspoons, and heftier cookware like ridiculously cute mini Dutch ovens. Even better, the line starts at just $20 and caps at $80, making it more possible for you to actually purchase the items rather than just stare at them longingly in your digital cart.

The Sorbet Collection features bowls, mugs, teaspoons, and heftier cookware like mini Dutch ovens for between $20 and $80 per set.

The items come in packs of four or six, so you can serve some chic dessert to your besties all summer long. Plus, just like the rest of Le Creuset's products, each piece of stoneware promises durability, and resistance to stains, scratches, and moisture absorption (which prevents cracking). So you can expect to keep these pastel puppies around for many years worth of dinner parties to come.

So, NBD if you're not ready to invest in Le Creuset's Millennial pink collection just yet, because, really, if there's anything better than mini desserts, it's luxe bowls in which to serve the sweet stuff.

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