The Le Wand XO Vibrator Is Basically a Love Letter to All Your Pleasure Needs

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If "XO" is widely understood to be shorthand for "hugs and kisses," let your imagination run wild as you consider what luxury vibrator brand Le Wand's new XO sex toy aims to offer. The uniquely shaped vibe proves that love notes aren’t the only things that can (ahem) come to completion with this letter combination.

Upon first sight, whether you’re a veritable sex toy collector like me or brand new to bringing buzzy buddies into your bed, your eyes will widen at this babe's body. To me, it appears to be shaped like a contoured Captain Hook claw. Or like a comma attached to a silicone chrome stick. But, no matter what image it conjures for you, rest assured, it'll give you plenty Xs and a whole lot of Os.

The shape, though, isn't a ploy to shock customers. Rather, the Le Wand XO is designed to best target and tickle your erogenous hot spots. The bulbous tip of the toy is meant for internal zones known to respond well to consistent pressure: the G-zone and prostate. As a quick refresher, the G-zone (also known as the G-spot) is an erogenous zone about two inches inside the vagina that can be stimulated through shallow or vaginal or anal penetration. And the prostate (also known as the P-spot) is a walnut-shaped cluster of nerves located a few inches inside the anal canal in (most) people assigned male at birth.

The XO doesn’t just stimulate these internal pleasure pockets, though. Its curve allows the toy to arc out of the body and simultaneously press against the clitoris or taint externally, depending on your anatomy as well as how you orient the toy internally.

No matter which of the six vibration intensities and 15 vibration patterns you choose, the Le Wand XO can simultaneously deliver vibrations.

And because the toy features two motors (rather than the more common one motor), the vibration is full-bodied throughout. In practice, this means that no matter which of the six vibration intensities and 15 vibration patterns you choose, the Le Wand XO can simultaneously deliver vibrations to the clit and G-spot (or prostate and perineum). As you might guess, this aids mightily in its ability to deliver a blended orgasm.

The toy won’t just feel good inside your body, though; it'll also feel good in your hand. The portions of the toy designed for genital stimulation are crafted with medical grade silicone, making XO smooth to the touch. And the handle of the toy is made from body-safe chrome, which gives a pleasurable heft while also providing the option to experiment with temperature play. (If you have hand mobility or strength issues that keep you from holding a heavy toy, check out lightweight Dame Arc instead, which is also designed for internal stimulation).

Why I love the Le Wand XO (and think you will, too)

Hands down, my favorite vibrator of all time is the Le Wand Point, which was part of the original Le Wand Chrome collection. So when I heard that the collection would be growing by three internal vibrators—the XO, as well as a rabbit vibrator known as the Blend and simple internal vibrator known as the Gee—I was more excited than I was when I found out The L Word would be getting a reboot. (For the record, that means very excited.) After trying each of the three—but especially the XO—I can affirm my excitement was justified.

The one-of-a-kind shape is what immediately drew me to the XO, so it was the first I tried. But, to be entirely transparent, I was concerned it would be too thick for me. I have a hypertonic pelvic floor, which basically means girth is not a bonus for me when it comes to penetration. But the penetrative bulb of the toy is actually less than two fingers thick, which is a size I can (and do!) enjoy with adequate pre-play and lube.

Additionally, I was struck by the malleability of the toy’s curve. Far less rigid than many duel-stimulation vibrators I've tried, I was able to bend and tilt the XO to match the specific shape of my anatomy. The result? I X-ited planet earth as I O-ed and O-ed and O-ed.

If you’re reading this and tend to prefer a girthy phallus for vaginal penetration, keep in mind that this toy is also anal safe, so even if you find it a little slim for G-spot play, you may well still have a pleasure-rich use for it. That very versatility is what makes me keen to heartily recommend the toy to anyone who enjoys internal penetration of any kind.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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