This Restorative Two-Ingredient Bath Helps Lea Michele Find Her Om While Traveling

Photo: Instagram/@leamichele
Healthy-living extraordinaire Lea Michele just launched her summer concert tour with fellow Glee alum Darren Criss, and that means her travel schedule is suddenly a whole lot busier. But to help ensure she's able to stay spiritually centered after long days on the road, Michele always makes time for one thing: her go-to bath routine.

The actress and singer shared her relaxing and invigorating setup on Instagram, and it only requires two ingredients that you probably already have in your cabinet. First, she adds Epsom salt—something she says she tries to soak in for "at least 20 minutes at night," in order to sleep better. She also adds in drops of eucalyptus essential oil to capitalize on its refreshing scent and purported health benefits for muscles and breathing.

The two-step bath routine that helps Lea Michele find her Om after traveling
Photo: Instagram/@leamichele

Though Epsom salts and eucalyptus essential oil are great on their own, Amy Galper, certified aromatherapist and educator at the New York Institute of Aromatic Studies, told me that together, they make a winning cocktail for relaxation.

"Relaxing in a bath with [eucalyptus essential oil and Epsom salt] can provide deep stress relief and ease muscle tension, all while making you feel more peaceful." —aromatherapist Amy Galper

"Eucalyptus essential oil has an aroma that's clearing and freeing to the mind and breath. The plant has great affinity to our respiratory system and has molecules that are known to relieve muscle aches and pains," Galper told me, adding that Epsom salt has muscle-relaxing properties. "Relaxing in a bath with both can provide deep stress relief and ease muscle tension, all while making you feel more peaceful," she said.

The benefits don't stop there: Epsom salt also is great for reducing inflammation due to the sleep-enhancing magnesium it contains, and eucalyptus essential oil may benefit your immune system. Basically, the next time you're jet-setting, pack this combo. A super-stressful day of delayed flights (and, let's be honest, an annoying seatmate) could be remedied with a short mood-boosting soak.

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