Lea Michele Reveals Her Daily Mood-Boosting Vitamin and Supplement Routine

Photo: Instagram/@leamichele

Lea Michele isn't one to slack on her well-being. Despite having an incredibly busy schedule—she's about to join fellow Glee alum Darren Criss on tour!—she always makes time to put her health first, whether she spends the afternoon hiking or squeezes in a Body by Simone class while traveling. And part of her daily routine is popping some important vitamins and supplements.

In her Instagram Story, the wellness all-star further proved she's just like us by sharing her go-to line-up. (Yes, you're not the only one who has turned a kitchen cabinet into supplement bottle storage.) Aside from a standard multivitamin, Michele also pops a couple omega-3s, B12 and vitamin D, and a probiotic—all of which are purported mind-body connection superstars.

Lea Michele’s mood-boosting daily vitamin and supplement routine
Photo: Instagram/@leamichele

While experts say both omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D3 are two of the best supplements to take to fight off inflammation, they can also benefit your mental health. And then there's B12, which is key to healthy nerves and blood cells and tough to get through diet alone if you don't eat many animal products like Michele. And as for probiotics, taking a supplement can play a role in everything from your digestion to your vaginal health. Basically, if you're going to copy a supplement routine, this one is pretty legit.

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