Lea Michele’s 3 Favorite Ways to Stay Healthy on the Road

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Lea Michele has the whole wellness thing down. She's a master at making the perfect green juice, has a variety of favorite workouts she hits up on the regular, and is all about natural beauty. But what's a Scream Queen to do when she's on the road?

With a jam-packed schedule that constantly requires her to fly around the country and beyond, maintaining a routine isn't easy. Luckily, Michele has some pro tips that help her stay in tip-top shape while she's away from home—and you can totally co-opt them for your upcoming traveling plans.

Here are 3 ways Lea Michele stays healthy on the road.

1. She always has a healthy snack on hand

Traveling for Michele means a lot of running around from meeting to meeting, and that's exactly why she needs something nutritious to munch on throughout the day to keep her energy levels up. So she doesn't end up grabbing something unhealthy on a whim, there's one snack in particular (which Khloe Kardashian also loves) she always has on hand: hummus and veggies.

I’m a huge fan of hummus. I’ve been buying Sabra for as long as it’s been around; carrots and hummus is my snack every single day,” Michele says. “I travel so much, so it’s really important for me to have a healthy option with me at all times."

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2. She makes healthy meals a priority (but has a special place in her heart for good pizza)

Even though it’s tempting to indulge while traveling (she says cheese pizza at Bleecker Street Pizza in New York City is her go-to!), Michele doesn't veer too far from her typical diet by ensuring healthy meal options are always available.

"I try extra hard with traveling, because it’s really easy in those circumstances to be a little lazier," Michele says. "If you always keep healthy food around you and make the extra effort, then you’ll feel much better in the end."

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3. She takes advantage of fun fitness options wherever she is

Michele doesn’t just focus on healthy eating, though: If you follow her on Instagram, you’ll notice she’s super active, whether that means doing paddleboard yoga in Hawaii or taking boutique fitness classes in New York City. By staying on the move no matter where she is, the Glee star feels strong and ready to take on her next project.

“I do a lot of different workouts. Obviously I love SoulCycle and CorePower Yoga—that’s hot yoga—I hike, and sometimes I’ll do a Body by Simone class as well," Michele says. "It’s really yoga for me, though—that’s my favorite."

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