The High-Vibe Way Lea Michele Deals With Puffy Eyes

Photo: Instagram/@leamichele
There's no denying Lea Michele is a wellness aficionado. The actress-singer-author is always posting #WellnessWednesday Instas, has been known to frequent SoulCycle, and has her own tricks to stay healthy on the road.

And, as a clean beauty advocate (having previously partnered with Burt's Bees for a "Bring Back the Bees" campaign a few years back), it comes as no surprise that Michele resorts to a holistic (and mystical, even) hack when dealing with eye puffiness.

As she just revealed on her Instagram, The Mayor star uses a jade roller to combat that ever-so-dreaded annoyance of swollen eyes. "So obsessed with my Ginger Chi jade face roller," Michele wrote on her story, raving that it makes her bags diminish.

lea michele jade roller
Photo: Instagram/@leamichele

Jade rollers are beloved by estheticians because they're used to promote lymphatic drainage, a facial massage technique that purportedly carries away fluid that has been parked in the lymph nodes. It gets a boost from the jade stone, a token to many of peace and balance (two words everyone wants to associate with their skin, and stat).

Just a little love around the eyes might help you look and feel more awake, à la Michele. The added bonus? The roller is *highly* Instagrammable.

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