Lea Michele’s Luminous Skin Secret Is a 30-Second Facial You Can Do Anywhere

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Lea Michele will do just about anything in the name of good skin. From cryo facials to magnesium baths, the actor is always down to try a new wellness treatment. And when her skin needs a good at-home refresh, she knows exactly where to turn.

"I like to do these Dr. Gross peel pads—they're fantastic," Michele tells me ahead of the launch of the Maxx You Project, a campaign by T.J. Maxx that hope to empower women embracing change in their lives. "I feel like they wipe away all of the crap off of my skin."

The Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel Pads ($88) are infused with a gentle chemical exfoliant, and Michele says they're her go-to when she can't get into see her facialist, Shani Darden.

These pads can help fade acne scars and brighten your completion, which keeps Michele's skin looking vibrant on her makeup-free days. She often keeps it simple by washing her face with the iS Clinical Cleansing Complex ($24), followed by a few products from Darden's eponymous skincare line. Sometimes she adds a bit of mascara and dabs the The Honest Co. Magic Beauty Balm ($13) on her cheeks and lids for a dewy glow.

"It's really just about taking care of myself, my skin, and my hair," Michele says. "When you're working and you cake on the makeup, it's like, I just want to take a day to breathe."

These are the seven essentials Lea Michele never travels without, and here's her favorite workouts to fuel both her body and soul.


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