Astrologers Highlight the Least-Known Traits of Every Zodiac Sign

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Whenever a friend says in passing that they just don’t identify with their zodiac sign, I’ve been known to whip out a handful of potential explanations. For starters, I might tell them that their sun sign is just one part of their birth chart, which contains other placements that speak volumes about their personality, like their moon and rising signs. Beyond that, I'd note that there are distinct light and shadow sides (strengths and weaknesses) of every sign that show up in different circumstances. But, perhaps most crucially, many of the signs are also solely understood as the sum of their most basic stereotypes, which have kept certain other key traits beyond the realm of popular knowledge. And learning these least-known traits of all the zodiac signs could help you see your sign from a new angle—perhaps one that resonates more closely with your sense of identity.

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Once you dig into the meaning of each zodiac sign, it becomes clear that the signs (just like the people they reflect) contain multitudes. “It’s important not to think of signs as one-dimensional,” says astrologer Rachel Lang, author of Modern Day Magic. That is, your Gemini friend isn’t just fickle or indecisive, and your Aries partner isn’t always an intense ball of fire.

“It’s important not to think of signs as one-dimensional.” —Rachel Lang, astrologer

Not to mention, sun signs have different ways of expressing themselves in our personalities, adds Lang, noting the importance of the astrological house in which your sun sign resides. (To figure that out, enter your birth date and time into an online birth-chart generator.) This determines the area of your life in which your identity will feel most pronounced—for instance, in your career if your sun sign is in your 10th house or in relationships if it’s in your seventh.

As a result, there are a variety of traits that could manifest in the context of each zodiac sign, and turning your focus toward the least-known ones can help you broaden your perspective. Below, astrologers share the traits of every zodiac sign that tend to fly under the radar—and why they’re actually helpful characteristics to note.

Here are the least-known traits of all the zodiac signs, according to astrologers

Aries: advocates for others

You may be known for your intensity, Aries—okay, borderline hotheadedness in certain scenarios—but that fire can also translate into fierce loyalty, according to Lang. "An Aries will stand up for those whom they love and will be unwavering in their support," she says.

Part of the reason why may have to do with your confidence in yourself: You're not threatened by others' successes, which often makes you the "ultimate cheerleader for your friends' wildest dreams," says Noush Joon, an astrologer at spiritual-health platform Girl and Her Moon.

Taurus: materialistic

Libras might have the reputation for being the beauty aficionados of the zodiac—but you're also ruled by aesthetics-oriented Venus, Taurus, and you tend to have an eye for design to show for it, says Lang. That is, your Earth-element and fixed-modality tendencies could certainly show up in your firmly rooted sense of values. But at the same time, you're not always the picture of practicality; you may also have a strong materialistic streak. "You live for the little luxuries in life and don't skimp on fashion or self care," says Joon. "You understand that a good investment goes a long way."

Gemini: moves on quickly

Your tendency to flit between here and there (and everywhere in between) lands you squarely on the list of most misunderstood zodiac signs. And it's true, you may sometimes be fickle—but that isn't always due to indecision so much as a preference not to be mired down by the banalities of life, says Joon. You tend to experience any given moment of connection for what it is and then quickly move onto the next without dwelling too much on the past, she adds.

Cancer: natural leader

You're known to love the comfort of home, but that reality shouldn't be conflated with a preference for lazing around. In fact, you have a take-action cardinal modality, which underscores your (often overlooked) tendency to initiate new things, says Lang.

"Cancer is an entrepreneur and a creative who tends to have many ideas to manifest and share," she says, adding that these same qualities often give you a natural knack for leading and coaching.

Leo: generous

To you, love has no limits: You're practically famous for loving yourself, but perhaps the least-known Leo quality is your ability to love others just as deeply. In the same way that you might adorn yourself with lavish gifts and self-care treatments, you're bound to give just as freely to your friends and family, says Joon.

"You're one of the most generous signs of the zodiac and have the biggest heart," she says. Pretty fitting, given that Leo is also the sign that rules over the heart.

Virgo: sarcastic and witty

While your penchant for analysis can certainly make you a methodical or even critical person, it's also often the source of a dry wit. "Virgo is in a constant state of questioning, trying to understand themselves and others," says Lang. That freeform curiosity can lend itself to some intellectual sarcasm, which also tends to translate well, thanks to your rulership by the communication-focused planet of Mercury.

Libra: fiercely defensive

While some of your charm may reside in your ability to be unassuming and neutral in public settings, deep down you have a strong sense of right from wrong and an unwavering desire to achieve fairness in your life, Libra.

Despite your well-known love for calmness and harmony, you will fight for fairness if you have to, says Joon. Typically, that fight will happen in an intellectual way, rather than a fiery or emotional one, given your air modality. But, regardless, you tend to be a fierce defender of justice, particularly if a close loved one is implicated.

Scorpio: emotional

You aren't generally known as the friendliest of the zodiac bunch, Scorpio. But despite what others might take as your outward intensity, inside, you can harbor a deep level of intuition and empathy. After all, let's not forget, you are a water sign, all of which are known for their emotional capacity.

"You may not like to let others see your vulnerabilities, but in actuality, you always give your all in relationships and take everything to heart," says Lang. Once you feel safe and can let your guard down, you're typically able to reveal "who you really are behind all those walls," says Joon.

Sagittarius: short-tempered

You have a certain fire to you that's often missed in descriptions of your happy-go-lucky nature, Sagittarius. Yes, you like adventure and exploration, but in stressful situations, you may have a tendency to erupt in short bursts—much like your fiery cousin, Aries.

"You can get very upset in one moment, which can surprise others around you, but then in the next moment, you can move on just as quickly," says Joon. In general, you tend to forgive easily, too, since "your soul isn't interested in focusing on little things, as much as it wants to get back to embracing the bigger picture of life."

Capricorn: seriously sensual

Your appreciation for practicality and pragmatism often shoehorns you into astrological descriptions as the "career" sign. But, in reality, that preference extends to all core life needs—even things like sex and homemaking.

That's right, your Earth element gives you a certain grounding sensuality, says Lang. And a traditionalist desire for structure may lead you to place high priority on building a family and creating a comfortable home base in which to grow it, says Joon.

Aquarius: deeply loyal

Known for rebelling against the norm, you may give off a certain aloofness at first blush, Aquarius. But you're not always as inaccessible as you may seem. In fact, your traditional rulership by stable Saturn and your fixed modality can make you deeply loyal.

"Once an Aquarius feels that they're being given the space to be themselves and their mind or curiosity is engaged, they'll be in it for the long haul," says Joon. In general, that can look like making strong commitments to people, places, or things, says Lang: "You don't tend to make any commitment that you can't keep."

Pisces: persuasive and humorous

It may be true that you feel all of the things—but that doesn't always keep you stuck in your head, Pisces. When you're comfortable in a group of people, you may have a real knack for working the room. "You can sense the vibes and pick up on energy," says Lang. This could make you a pro at selling anything or persuading someone of an idea, she adds. Coupled with your imaginative flair, this ability to perceive others' feelings could also grant you a great sense of humor, says Joon.

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