Ripe Avocados About to Go Bad? This Super-Simple Hack Will Let You Save Them for Future Use

Photo: Stocksy/Shikhar Bhattarai
You know the drill with avocados: One second they're hard as a rock, and the next? Well, if you don't eat them seemingly immediately, they basically have a one-way ticket to the garbage (or better yet, compost pile). But maybe this sad fate doesn't have to be the norm. The next time you know you won't finish your ripe supply of the fiber-rich green fruit before it passes its prime, use this simple, waste-reducing hack to save the fruit for future use.

Healthy-living guru Lee Tilghman, founder of the Lee From America lifestyle platform, recently posted a video via Instagram Stories of her super-smart avocado-saving technique, and the hack only requires one tool: a silicone ice-cube tray. Instead of letting any of the creamy, green nutrients go to waste, she simply mashes the fruit into the pre-proportioned sections to freeze and then later toss into summer smoothies and soups.

Avocados about to go bad? This simple trick will let you save them for future use
Photo: Instagram/@leefromamerica

Trying this at home might be a little messy, but squishing avocados with your bare hands sure sounds therapeutic. Basically, this is a two-for-one hack: You're optimizing your avo haul to provide for future delicious meals and getting some much-needed stress relief in the process. Talk about a meal-prep win.

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