Meet the Swimwear Brand That Confidently Got Me Back Into a Two-Piece

Photo: Left on Friday
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Surprise, surprise: Finding a cute swimsuit you feel comfortable and genuinely confident in is kind of a big deal. The emotional rollercoaster of fitting room try-ons and online returns can be grueling, especially for folks who grew up in the age of glorified diet culture and were surrounded by the unattainable, downright problematic beauty standards that bombarded us from magazine spreads and television screens. Even with the strides we've made in inclusivity and body image, getting into a bikini is still hard for some of us. Thus, finding a swimsuit you really, truly love is a win to be celebrated!

For me, that swimsuit happens to be from Left On Friday (LOF), the Canadian swimwear brand that makes functional, feel-good swimsuits and apparel designed to take you from surf-soaked beach hangs to poolside palomas. The brand's beloved Plunge Top ($85) and Hi Tide Bottom ($85) have quickly made me love getting into a bikini. No shade to the pilled one-piece that’s been collecting dust in my bikini drawer, but I’ve never felt so strongly about a swimsuit before—let alone, a two-piece. 

left on friday swimwear, the plunge top on model wearing red bikini bottoms
Left on Friday, Plunge Top — $85.00

Sizes: XS-XL (Recommended for A-C cups)

Left on Friday’s resident low-coverage bikini top, The Plunge Top’s flattering V-neck cut plays up your cleavage while still feeling comfortable and secure.

Colors: 9

left on friday swimwear hi tide swim bottom
Left on Friday, Hi Tide Bottoms — $85.00

Sizes: XS-XXL

These bottoms are stretchy yet compressive, buttery soft, quick-drying and totally wedgie-proof. So it’s no surprise these have over 500 5-star reviews!

Colors: 34

Fun fact: Shannon Savage and Laura Low Ah Kee, Left on Friday’s founders, were both former Lululemon product execs, so it’s no wonder why every LOF piece wears as well—better than, even—your favorite activewear. The brand’s signature Smoothing Dream fabric is made in Italy and is *buttery* soft, offering supreme stretch and smoothing compression that hugs my body without being constrictive. Even more impressive is the fact that the suit keeps its stretchy, nearly sculpting feel when wet or dry, in the sand, salt, and chlorine (and after several rounds in the washer). The fabric is quick-drying too, which means I can go from the pool to lunch with minimal waiting around time. Whether you’re a beach-volleyball type or a nap-in-the-shade-while-your-friends-play-beach-volleyball type  (me), LOF swimwear is designed to keep you feeling confident and looking cool through all your summer adventures.

author wearing left on friday swimwear and left on friday wear to button down
You're looking at my new summer uniform—the Left on Friday Plunge Top and Hi Tide Bottom (in Deep End), and the Wear To Button Down (in Sprint Stripe).
Photo: Author

It’s also the most comfortable, well-fitting bikini I’ve ever tried, nixing the need to fuss over falling straps, dig out wedgies, scratch itchy tags, or worse—chafe from shoddy seam work. The material is so smooth and soft, I’ve even worn the Plunge Top in lieu of a sports bra, and as a bralette when I’m behind on laundry. I can pull it on without breaking a sweat, and even with its low coverage and V-neck cut, I feel secure and supported—like I could go on the wildest water slide or do a core-burning water workout (which I actually did) without risking a wardrobe malfunction. The same is true of the brand’s Hi Tide Bottoms; the sky-high swim briefs give me the smoothing (not suffocating) fit and medium booty coverage I want, without constantly riding up into a wedgie or rolling down my waist. This is all by design, of course—LOF’s swimwear is all tag-less (genius!) and made with durable elastics and reinforced seams to help the pieces stay put no matter what you get up to.

left on friday swimwear where to button down
Left on Friday, Where To Button Down — $140.00

Sizes: S/M-L/XL

Your new favorite swimsuit coverup and casual top, the Where To Button Down will be the workhorse of your summer wardrobe. It’s made of the brand’s moisture-wicking, quick-drying ‘Sport Silk,’ AKA, 100-percent Japanese Cupro, a plant-based fabric that’s soft as silk, with *way* less maintenance.

Colors: 7

Every piece comes in a rainbow bright selection of hues that are bound to boost your mood—and mixing and matching shades is half the fun. I chose the brand’s top-selling "Deep End" colorway for my LOF look, but already have my sights set on "Punch", a vibrant cool-toned purple, and "Aperol", a frisky, neon orange. What’s more, Left on Friday has a slew of sporty, casual apparel offerings to compliment your swim look or wear solo. My favorite? The Wear To Button Down ($140), an endlessly versatile oversized shirt that feels like silk, without the high maintenance. (It's washable!) It’s become my go-to cover up, and an everyday wardrobe staple with jeans and slide-on sandals—and what’s not to love about a top that can do both?

It's official: I've found my swimwear soulmate in Left on Friday. And at $85 a piece, these are not the flimsy, short-lived bikinis you wear to keep up with fleeting fads. LOF swimsuits are well-made classics that deserve to be cherished.  Find yours, here!

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