This Leg Workout Feels Like It Condenses 10,000 Steps Into 10 Minutes

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This week's iteration of the Well+Good "Trainer of the Month Club" is all about getting your legs strong AF. Master SoulCycle instructor and EmBody creator Emily Turner has put together a killer lower body workout and all you need is 10 minutes and a single free weight (IMHO, after said 10 minutes your legs will likely feel just as spent as they do after nailing your 10K step goal). The series features leg lifts, presses, and a move called the "bear plank" that will genuinely change your life and leave your muscles screaming. It may seem quick and easy at first glance, but lemme tell ya: This booty-busting working is no joke.

Pop on a playlist (...might I suggest one that heavily features the lyrical genius of Lizzo, because nothing quite gets you motivated like singing that you are, in fact, "100 percent that b*tch), and try it for yourself. And don't forget to check back next week, when we'll be revealing our June Trainer of the Month and sharing their first workout.

Repeat each move for 30 seconds (first on your left; then on your right), and cycle through the series twice.

1. Hands and knees glutes/hamstring presses: On your hands and knees with a neutral spine, raise your foot behind you at a 90-degree angle, keeping abs and glutes tight. Raise your foot slowly, as if you were stomping it on the ceiling. Then, pull your knee toward your chest, squeezing your core.

2. Bear plank glutes/hamstring presses: From the hands and knees position, raise one knee so that it's hovering slightly off of the ground. Repeat the same ceiling stomping and knee to chest moves as you did above, this time with the more intense twist of having to balance.

3. Inner thigh leg lifts: Start with your hands and one knee on the ground and one leg straight back with your foot pointed. Raise the extended leg up toward the sky, squeezing your glute, and bring it back down directly behind you. Raise it again, and this time bring it down crossed over your grounded leg. Continue to alternate.

4. Rainbow leg lifts: With one knee on the ground and your chest slightly turned upward, send your other leg straight out and move it in a rainbow-line motion from the side of your body to the back. Be sure to keep your hips stable and your foot relaxed.

5. Weighted side plank: Grab a dumbbell and get into a side plank. Lift the weight straight up so it's perpendicular to your body, then bring it back down underneath your ribcage. To amp things up, raise your top leg toward the sky.

If you want to work your core, too, try Emily’s 12-minute ab-sculpting series, or Charlee Atkins equipment-free at-home moves.

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