Lele Sadoughi, the Brand That Popularized Bejeweled ‘It Girl’ Headbands, Launched a Gorgeous Zodiac Line

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If you’re in the throes of your Blair Waldorf headband era, or have really been into your birth chart lately (or always)—might we point you in the direction of Lele Sadoughi’s new collection of zodiac-inspired headbands?  The luxury accessory designer known for her iconic knotted and bejeweled headbands (that single-handedly made headbands cool again) is back with the Zodiac Collection, a line of 12 beautifully embellished headbands (and matching necklaces!) that represent each zodiac sign. The line launched October 20, but we're betting it won't be long before they sell out. We’ve all behaved in accordance with our astrological sign (we even ate for our signs!), sure—but accessorizing for it? We are 100 percent on board.

Designed in the brand’s new Alice shape, the Zodiac Headbands ($195) have a sleek, padded silhouette adorned with zodiac and star charms, cubic zirconia crystals that artfully recreate the sign’s constellation, and a lurex fabric base that gives each headband a gorgeous metallic sheen. What’s more, every charm is custom made with the signs’ unique personality traits in mind, and the crystal details are all hand sewn with careful precision.

“I have always wanted to personalize the charms and give an opportunity for our ladies to connect to a piece,” founder and designer Lele Sadoughi tells us. “Zodiac signs are a perfect way to express yourself.” Plus, the headbands make a great gift for the friend in your life who can't get enough of astrology, and an easy way to jazz up your holiday party outfit.

“This collection is all about the starry night and constellations that represent each zodiac sign,” shares Sadoughi, “I selected high shine jewel toned fabrics to emulate the sky and mix them with crystals.” You can even complete the ensemble with the complementary Zodiac Tennis Necklaces ($225). The glimmering cubic zirconia necklaces feature matching zodiac charms, and are accented by hints of crystal detailing—so you can double up on sparkle.

To play up the Zodiac collection’s night sky aesthetic, Sadoughi suggests pairing the headbands with a jewel toned palette, but notes that the bands’ rich colors and sparkly details will spruce up any outfit in your closet, “These pieces are keepsakes and should not be saved for a special occasion, but celebrated every day.”

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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