The Lelo Dot Proves That When It Comes to Vibrators, Good Things Come in Tiny Packages

Photo: W+G Creative / Lelo
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If you want results, the saying goes, “go big or go home.” But in the world of sex toys, bigger isn’t necessarily better—as proven by Dot ($179), a pin-pointed vibrator just-released by Lelo, a luxury sex toy manufacturer known for their sleek, innovative designs.

Dot isn’t the first toy of its kind on the market — it’s simply the newest addition to a class of pleasure products such as the Zumio S ($135), the Eroscillator 2 ($149), the Zalo Bess 2 ($119), and the Jimmyjane Focus ($120) that are designed to provide oh-so-specific stimulation. The Lelo Dot, however, is the only one in this class that can dance actual figure-eights around your O-zone. It’s also the only option that looks more like a piece of art than a hygiene helper (many pin-point toys look like vibrating tooth-brushes).

But does the Dot deserve a place in your personal, erm, art gallery? Here’s my verdict.

Dot is a dynamic pin-point toy

A pin-pointed vibrator, Dot is a comma-shaped toy that tapers off to a severe point. The design is evocative of an elongated teardrop, and it comes it three different, beautiful pastel colors (aqua, pink, and lilac). Like many other vibrators, it’s made from soft silicone; like other pin-pointed varieties, it has a very itty bitty tip. But unlike other vibrators, it doesn’t buzz or suck. Instead, the tip moves in a unique elliptical pattern—powered by what Lelo calls “Infinite Loop Technology”— that in my opinion, evokes the fluttering of a finger or tongue. Depending on how you angle or position the toy, the movement changes, affecting the sensations you feel. And you can flutter yourself to climax as slowly or as quickly as you like, thanks to the toy’s eight different vibrational settings.

While the portion of the toy that teases and tantalizes is teeny, Dot itself is about the size of a small yellow squash. In the middle of the bulbous body of the toy is an inch-thick hole that you can slide your fingers into for a better grip. This handle allows you to hold the toy perpendicularly to your clitoris, so that only the exposed part of your doorbell gets, ahem, rung. Or, to position it parallel to your vulva so that a greater portion of your pleasure-center is stimulated all at once.

The slim head of the toy makes it ideal for someone who likes to combine clitoral stimulation with penetrative play — whether that’s during solo play or during penetrative intercourse. After all, the q-tip sized head is too small to get in the way of a penis, finger, or second toy.

Is the Lelo Dot for me? Maybe.

While the Dot definitely has some strong points, it's not for everyone. This is not a dig at the toy, so much as an unencumbered truth about pin-pointed toys in general.

The toy’s ability to stimulate such a hyper-specific portion of the clitoris is perfect for please-seekers with smaller clitorises as well as those who go numb from broad stimulation, but it’s not ideal for people who want their entire clitoral glans to be encased in vibration (or suction).

Dot also isn’t the best option for pleasure seekers who are brand spanking new to the world of pleasure products. For sex toy beginners—in particular those who enjoy vaginal penetration—a toy like the Lelo Ina Wave 2 ($149) or Lelo Mona 2 ($150) that can be used internally and externally is more ideal.

Still, I’d eagerly recommend it for people like myself who enjoy tongue-flicking during oral sex, or a light finger-flutter during hand play. It’d also suggest it for an experimentalist who already has robust sex toy collection replete with a wand vibrator, suction toy, and G-spot wand, or someone looking for a high-fashion way to add clitoral stimulation into intercourse.

For anyone else, however, investing in such a pricey, specific toy might not make sense—even when it is as luxe as the Dot.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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