This New Sound-Activated Vibrator Takes Pleasure to a Whole New Octave

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If I'm being honest, I have a love-hate relationship with clitoral vibrators. Like 81.6 percent of people with vulvas, I do require some clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm. Yet, when it comes to using certain toys—particularly buzzy bullet vibrators— they often leave me disappointed because they're just... too much. I enjoy the tantalizing, teasing build-up toward climax rather than a quick, sharp orgasm. Most toys that provide direct clitoral stimulation are simply too intense, even on the lowest settings, and can leave my clit feeling numb (which is the last thing anyone wants).

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That's why I was so excited to test out Lelo's latest vibe, the Siri 3 ($159), which uses music to help you and your body, ahem, crescendo. Yes, you read that right—it's controlled by music. Siri 3 is designed to enhance your orgasms with the beat of your favorite song, be it a slow jam or a high-intensity tune. A clitoral vibrator that could *literally* turn the volume up or down on my orgasms, depending on my liking?! I was immediately intrigued. Find my honest review of the Lelo Siri 3, below.

Lelo, Siri 3 — $159.00

Includes Siri 3 toy, USB-charging cord, satin pouch, warranty card, and detailed instruction manual.

User time: 2 hours

Settings: 8


  • Very comfortable to hold
  • Soft, high-quality silicone
  • Whisper quiet, rumbly vibrations
  • 8 different pleasure settings
  • Includes a curated playlist
  • Waterproof
  • 1-year warranty


  • Control buttons might be difficult to press  
  • Requires the music source to be very close or loud

How it works

As mentioned, Siri 3 is Lelo's newest clitoral stimulator, designed to bring pleasure to a whole new octave using sound. Made with the brand's proprietary SoundSense™ technology, the toy's vibrations respond to the music frequencies while being used. The vibe has two built-in microphones, which work to reduce unwanted background noise, pick up the tunes of your favorite song, and transfer them into sensual vibrations. But the tech side of things is not the key here—the music is.

We have strong psychological and physiological responses to music, which can greatly enhance our sexual experiences and pleasure. "Dopamine levels and feelings of euphoria increase when listening to music, along with cerebral blood flow that stimulates parts of the brain associated with reward/motivation, emotion, and arousal," explains sexologist and sex educator Lilith Foxx.

Music can help us relax, feel present, and let go—all key steps to achieving orgasms. It can also make us feel connected to ourselves and our partners. "Music, inherently linked with emotion and memory, can significantly enhance the sexual experience, providing a rhythmic backdrop that can deepen intimacy and heighten arousal,” explains relationship researcher and sexologist, Nicholas Velotta. The good news is that Siri 3 can be used in coupled sex, too, given its discreet profile and easy-to-handle design.

And while it sounds technologically complicated, using the Lelo Siri 3 is pretty straightforward. Simply choose a tune for your pleasure session and turn up the volume on your speaker or phone. Then, turn on the vibe by pressing the "+" button—it will automatically be set to its regular vibration mode (which you can use, BTW—it just won't sync up with the music). To turn on "music mode", hold the two arrows at the same time. In this setting, the Siri 3 will "listen" to the beats of the song playing in the background and pulse to the rhythm of the music. Different songs can offer varying sensations, and finding just the right rhythm is part of the fun.

My experience

Once I unboxed the vibe, I charged it for two hours before using it, as per Lelo's recommendation. After that, I struggled a bit to figure out how to activate the setting that syncs with the music. Not a great start, I know. But it got better... way better.

Lelo has a curated Spotify playlist with songs you can listen to while you use Siri 3, which I appreciate. But I wanted to try the vibe with some of my favorite songs first. So, I put on Lana Del Rey's West Coast and played around in music mode. Sure enough, the toy buzzed to the beat of the song. It's quiet—so quiet that I couldn't even hear the buzz through the music, even on the higher power settings.

After Lana Del Rey, I was curious to see if Lelo's playlist was any good. While the songs on the playlist are not what I usually listen to, they are well-chosen for an indulgent playtime session. The way the vibrations sync with the music made using the Siri 3 one of the most pleasurable experiences I've ever had. I was skeptical of the music settings at first; If I want to have an orgasm, I require consistency in rhythm and speed of stimulation, whether I am solo or with a partner. Since musical beats typically change throughout a song, I thought it would be a problem. But I was wrong; the Siri 3 gave me the perfect, teasing, slow build-up towards an orgasm. I loved every moment, and the music playing in the background made my masturbation session very relaxing. And if I'm ever not in the mood for tunes, I like that I can use the vibe without syncing it to music, too. In its normal mode, it has eight different patterns and intensities, and the vibrations are all rumbly. No numb clitorises here!

Final thoughts

Personally, I will be retiring my other only clitoral vibe and replacing it with Siri 3. I love that the vibes are slow and deep, unlike other bullet vibrators I have tried. They felt great and didn’t leave my clitoris numb. Incorporating music into self-pleasure was super fun, too—I will cranking up the volume of my Spotify more often in the future.

While I didn't get to test it with a partner, I think Siri 3 is the perfect sex toy for couples, especially those who are curious about exploring sex toys together. This vibe is whisper-quiet, discreet, and easy to hold. It won't be intimidating for those who are hesitant or nervous to introduce a clitoral stimulator to coupled play. No matter how you use it—together or by yourself—the Siri 3 will take your pleasure to a whole new octave.

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