We Found the Crystal-Infused Heating Pad Lena Dunham Uses

Photo: Getty Images/Raymond Hall
Lena Dunham doesn't shy away from showing the internet what her world looks like behind closed doors. The Girls' leading lady has spoken bravely (and publicly) about the pain associated with her endometriosis, gaining and losing weight as a result of her health, and other shouldn't-be-tabboo subjects in between.

Her recent profile in The Cut proves no exception: In her notoriously candid manner, Dunham talks about struggling with a Klonopin addiction, PTSD, her hysterectomy, and that's just the beginning. But eagle-eyed readers may also notice that the interview briefly mentions that, among the multi-talented performer's possessions, is none other than a crystal-powered healing modality—the BioMat 7000MX, a tourmaline-infused infrared heating pad (though, there's also a amethyst option).

Those who know a thing or two about gemstones will remember that both amethyst and tourmaline are frequently used throughout many people's healing process. But tourmaline is extra special because it's also believed to offer its wearer protection. When you combine these stones' superpowers with the mat's infrared heat (which has been found to lower blood pressure, reduce chronic pain, and improve your mood) the product's description says the effect is pretty, well, high vibe: "[The mat] uses many pounds of hot amethyst crystal to produce a unique signal of infrared light. This light is experienced as a wholesome and enveloping warmth that is both gentle and powerful at the same time."

If you want to experience Dunham's go-to infrared treatment, there are a ton of mat options you can shop right now (depending on how much cash you're willing to shell out). All of them come with slightly different crystal combos, so don't forget to read up on the various benefits before taking your pick.

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