This Is Lena Dunham’s Go-to Yoga Pose for Confidence and Power

You know the saying about getting back on the horse if you fall off? The same goes for yoga poses—especially the ones that require serious balancing skills. (Because not everyone can stand on one foot in a complicated position as if it's NBD.)

Take tree pose: "Sometimes your leg slips," admits Lena Dunham in the latest episode of "Lena Dunham Does Yoga". (Her excuse? Slippery leggings—hey, we've all been there.)

The Girls star's yoga instructor (and BFF) Beth Cooke agrees, noting that it's totally okay to fall. But when the one-legged balance-tester gets the best of you, just take a breath and come back to the shape.

Also important to note: Tree pose is a power pose, according to Cooke. You're standing your ground as you own your space, which is a major self-confidence booster—regardless of how many times you lose your balance or fall down.

Watch the latest episode of "Lena Dunham Does Yoga" above! And to perfect your tree pose and reap the benefits, check out Cooke's step-by-step tips.

1. Shift your weight to either foot.

2. Place the other foot either above or below your knee, whichever's the most comfortable (just as long as it's not on your knee).

3. Bring your arms either above your head with your palms facing each other or turned to heart center.

4. Blur your vision—also known as a Drishti gaze, which is a softer gaze that allows you to focus on one point for better balance.

5. Use your breath and your intention to center yourself in the shape.

Our brand-new video series "Lena Dunham Does Yoga" features none other than Lena Dunham and her yoga instructor BFF Beth Cooke going with the flow at home. Because when the actress-director-writer (and burgeoning yogi!) invites you to her Brooklyn apartment for an afternoon of vinyasa—and totally unfiltered girl talk—you grab your mat. Tune in for new episodes of the series every day, all week long.

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